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Ewwww, really hope I never have a hat like that ;) Seriously though, I love this story. It's amazing how many opportunities to bring other to the knowledge of Christ can occur when we're serving others. Really well written. What a beautiful story.
Great title, and the bit with the "mystery" hat was a superb hook! You're right, the name of the town is cool--as is this story, and also inspirational.
This reads like a portion of a much larger novel. I loved the seeting, the mood, the tone and the pace. Very well writen and representation of the Lord's work in that land.
You set all my senses to flame and wanting more. Hope to read the expanded version some day. God bless.
Oh yes, the title, WAY KOOL!
Really touching story. I love your description of the hats. I could almost smell them! I enjoyed the easy dialogue between the two missionaries. Thanks for taking us to the streets of Russia.
The mystery hat reminds me of 'mystery meat' in the school cafeteria. I rather like it refering to fur than meat, though. I saw one missing quotation mark amongst the wonderful dialogue. The light banter between the two missionaries does a wonderful job of showing what the people saw that attracted them to the missionaries. Wonderful writing and a great story.
Such a good story! I loved the characters described so well by their actions and dialogue. The mention of things like the "fur hat" and its scent help set the scene and bring the reader into unfamiliar territory of Russia. This is very well written. Excellent job.
This was an enjoyable-to-read inspiring story. Nice writing!
This was moving, touching and inspirational. Your title is an attention grabber, and the content following did not disappoint. Great piece!
If this is not the novel you're working on, Val, then you have TWO to write. You do such a wonderful job of setting the scene through the dialogue between the two young men. I love that picture of the T-shirt over the winter coat used for advertising the class, and the picture you paint in my mind of his flexing his "muscles" to make the girls giggle.

Dittos to all the other comments, above, too. I'll have to share the part about the hats with my brother who brought one home from a medical mission in Ukraine. (^@^)
I agree with Edy! This would be an awesome novel! I love your flair for telling a story! Inspiration at it's best!