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Anyone who has ever taught will love this poem! I felt exactly the same way. In some ways, my fears were justified since I taught in an inner-city school and the kids knew the score. But after a time, they came to respect me, and I them. It is a calling, and only the brave need apply! I love the rhythm of your poem, as well!
A nice poetic tribute to the One who loves us.
Nothing else gives confidence like knowing we have we are walking, not necessarily just in His will, but in His unique plan for us as individuals. No matter how many times we stumble, we can rise again knowing He is with us. Thankfully on the occasion of your first day as teacher He infused you and the class with His perfect peace.
What were you doing in my head???? This was ME, in the FLESH! (Except they never did quite quiet down LOL)

This is just wonderful and delightful. Great writing in every way.
This poem is so true. Wonderfully written. Kudos from a fellow educator.
Wow! This is awesome! It's great! We all can realate and I REALLY enjoyed reading this. GREAT JOB!
Oh my. I can relate. I remember the first day I had the kids all to myself during student teaching, because the regular teacher was home with her sick kids. Great job. I loved it.
Oh, yes, you really nailed it for sure! Been there, done that! LOL! Great job, dear poet!
I love this--teachers aren't particularly popular these days, and it's a noble calling!
This was a wonderful poem. I, too, can relate! I loved the conclusion of how neither the memory of that day nor the closeness you felt with God had disappeared. Talented writing. Great job.
You've done great work on the rhyme and the meter. What a perfect example for bold.
This was awesome. I love how you arrange the words in your writing. Great job and I had to smile throughout because I knew God was with you.
This is so much fun. I could feel your fear melt into boldness. This line gave me a chuckle:

"My heart was beating double time; my hands were sweating, too.
It seemed to me I’d come to be the keeper of a zoo."

You get an A. ;0)

I've taught youth all the way up to college level and you captured not only the feelings I've had from time to time, but those of the students as well. This was just great!
BRAVO. Teaching does indeed require boldness. I am so thankful for the saints who teach my kids. God bless you and thank you for this!
Great job!! :-)
What a wonderful poem. It is so fun to read and the rhythm is so special not to mention the message. Great Job!
Verna, I'm going to feature this on the Front Page for the week of November 19. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page, and keep up the good work!
Verna -- Congrats on being in the FW Frontpage Showcase. Love this poem!!
Oooh! THis was nice. Definitely bold indeed! Great writing-congrats on making the showcase. ^_^
Congratulations, dear friend! This is one of my favorites that you've so masterfully woven in delightful rhythm and rhyme. Great choice for the FW front page!
Congratulations on getting the front page. I *still* love this.
I love the poem. My heart was racing while I read it. While reading it I remembered times when I had the same feeling. Awesome!
Very funny but true-to-life poem. Anyone that's never experienced a classroom in these time are certainly missing something -- maybe a headache or two or three! Congratulations on being highlighted. Great writing!