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I think every Christian has asked these questions of themselves. God empowers us when we're called on to give an account, at least when we have the smarts to ask for His help first! Your poem flows well.
Lovely poem. Your words bring to mind the scripture that admonishes us to take no thought for what we will say, rather allow the Holy Spirit to speak for us. But you are right that our lamps must have oil and that happens on our knees before God. You are a good poet!!
Oh, you've captured some wonderful images in this straight-to-the-heart, true-to-life poem! Yes, this speaks directly to the question all Christians surely ask of themselves, and it gives an answer that boldly glorifies Christ. Write on inspired poet, and may God use your gift to His glory!
Inspiring. Stirring. Prophetic. You've captured the keys here for authority to influence even the kings of this world - seeking His face and keeping your heart unstained. Yes, fight on, bold warrior-writer.

In regard to the poetic form, you've chosen my favourite 6-8-6-8. Although there are no strict rules for poetry these days, I think most readers look for consistency. I find I have to rehearse the verse in my mind, then adjust things if they don't fit the meter/rhythm etc.
Then again, my verse hasn't always scored that highly here.
Oops! That should read 8-6-8-6.
Does make you wonder where we would stand, doesn'nt it?
Sorry, but I've just gotta add this.
Looking over it later, I could see from the lead-ins on some lines that your rhythm & meter is consistent after all. Maybe some wording could be tweaked a bit to make it flow more smoothly for that style. I liked the "stand before kings" theme reiterated.