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These are such powerful descriptions of a time when women truly needed to be bold. I love your mc. I see her caring, her tiredness, her frustration, her loneliness, and her determination. This is excellent writing.
I know that to covet is wrong, but how my heart longs to write something this beautiful! Your words are fitted so perfectly together they seem to take on life o their own and breathe. How this could possibly not take first place I can't imagine.
wow. You really captured her feelings. The descriptions are great and I could see her fluffing up a bed for the chick and scanning the horizon. Good job! Hugs!
Your descriptions are VERY vivid and beautiful. You captured her sadness expertly.
Beautifully written. My grandmother lives in Arthur Illinois, the middle of Amish country. The best restaurants in town is called Yoder's, so I expected something like this before I even read it! :-) they say write what you know, and you do it well-- wonderful description.
Simply beautiful. I'm still wondering how the little chick is doing :)
Lovely writing. Could picture the sunset as though I were there.
Absolutely beautiful. Perfect pacing, and though I know this is bandied about a lot here, you really plopped me right in the middle of the setting. I was THERE. Excellent.

I wasn't too sure how this fit in with the topic until I read the additional notes at the end. Bold women indeed! Great job, Dee. It's a pleasure to read your work from week to week.
I agree--this is very beautiful. I had to think for a minute about the topic, but of course it fits! What a bold thing to strike out west, so alone.
A story about a bold woman - I like it! At first, I'll admit, I thought she was thinking about her husband having died and that they would have a reunion in heaven soon. Then came the "aha!" moment. LOL
As others have mentioned, your writing is very picturesque. Nicely done!
An ordinary writer would have written an ordinary story about a brave pioneer woman--you took it waaaaaaaaay out of the ordinary, just by the simple addition of one scrawny chicken--and your beautiful, serene writing.
Very talented writing here. Your descriptions are wonderful. I was out on the prairie, too. I felt the absence of the husband. Your piece was thick with it. Having a husband who travels alot, I know those emotions. You captured them beautifully and made me feel the heartache, pain and toughness of this prairie woman. Excellent writing!
I could picture the whole thing. Your MC's emotions came through loud and clear, and the descriptions were wonderful. Thank you for honoring these brave women, too. Big thumbs up.
Love the descriptions. Reminds me of how good we have it today - neighbors close by, music and information to dull the silence. She had only the Lord.Maybe we could do with a little silence and just Him sometimes. I love historical fiction and this was great!
OH! I want you to keep writing of this man and woman! I could read your beautiful words of the homesteaders on the prairie forever. When is the novel going to be finished?? :)
I felt both her loneliness and her resolve. Beautiful
I think you are exactly right about the lonliness. My grandmother's family homesteaded in Wyoming when she was a girl. Your story was fascinating.
Were you there? Just asking because this was very vivid writing. You pulled me in and kept me there until the end and I felt all the emotions you poured into this story. Well done, Fantastic writing!
Your writing puts the reader right there, experiencing everthing. There's a lot to like about this piece, but what drew my attention is they way, despite her own hardship, she "cared" for the small, struggling chick. If anything, this shows a tender heart. Great Job!
You write so very well. Indeed, this is a portrait befitting the topic of "bold". Absolutely excellent.
Wonderful writing, now I know what it is like to live on a prairie. Great article Dee!
I love homestead stories and this is no exception. Thanks for sharing. Good writing. Wanted to read on.