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Love it, Love it, Love it! What else can I say? Great message, great insight, some big words I didn't understand...but I still Loved the "Sunny Side of Sad"...what a gem!
Excellent poem! Very amusing portrayal of the four personality types. I'm phlegmatic myself and indeed can see the sunny side of sad in most things. Also loved the way you contrasted the melancholic view of life with real issues such as child poverty and Christ's quiet sacrifice.
I loved this! So creative!
Masterful poet! Very smart and precise with each description!
What a tremendously clever approach! Really well done.
I absolutely LOVED this (of course, I'm a silver lining gal!) - excellent rhyme, meter, message, and word choice throughout. An absolute gem.
Very good. I enjoyed the read. Especially out loud. God bless.
Great rhyme and flow of the poem! I too loved how you put the "four personality types" within the piece too.
I loved your creative idea and your representations of the sunny sides of sad. The last stanza was my favorite.
Bravo! I have to say even though I am a sanguine, I really loved your poem. I thought the entire thing was going to be light and fun, but you even had a deep point at the end. Great job.
This is magnificent! My daughter and I read it together and laughed when those who do not understand depression probably wouldn't. I have the feeling after reading it of, Wow, someone understands. Great job explaining feelings.
I was breezing through some old gems of the past, and came across this one. It appealed to me on so many levels... since I am part MEL.. part sanguine.. a very weird combo.. and I do believe there is a sunny side to SAD.. Blessed are those who mourn.. for they shall be comforted... GOOD writing David as always.. it made me think alot differently about depressive episodes... Dianne