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Truly a sad picture. You painted a picture of our fallen world so well. I enjoyed the rhyme scheme of this too--great job!
Great poem - very nice rhythm, very powerful images.
This could be a song. There's a lot of (sad) truth in it. Job well done.
Great Title, and such a "True to Life as it is today" type poem. It tells it like it is in such a beautiful and poetic way. I really liked this! Very well done.
Your poem is truly a sad portrait of our world.
This is a very timely poem for our day. It really sends a message.
You captured the world today so vividly with your poem. A wonderful job getting the message out loud and clear. Bravo!
Unfortunately true. I was waiting for a glimpse of hope at the end the poem is very good, but it left me hanging. Nevertheless, well done.
Very well written. So true and sad as there are so many needs and broken lives. I just was hoping for some light to shine through but this speaks clearly that we can't take a back seat as christians but must take the time to get to know the Lord on a daily basis and carry on the message of His love.
I like the poem the way that it is. It is fitting of our world, and does not need a happier conlusion.

Great job, you nailed the topic for sure.
A very good poem with a very good rhythm to it.
Wow. I love your title and the message is just too true today. it must have taken something extra to write this-great job friend! ^_^
So bold and strong and excellently presented. Much to think about too. Keep writing!