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Sad doesn't even begin to cover this. The emotions, the description. This is so real, I have to take a moment to step back to try and understand everything. Realistic reactions from your characters and a pain that we can emphatize. Good job.
I too have felt the emotions x2. It is amazing the things you hear by well meaning people and your story portrays well the emotional upheaval and the beginning of the mourning process.
You have shone light on something we need to be aware of as Christians especially. Platitudes. When we don't know what to say to someone wounded and grieving, we tend to speak in platitudes like: "Time heals all wounds"; "God is in control"; "You will be able to comfort others with the comfort you've received." Even though every one of these comments carries the weight of truth, this truth can be insensitive when it doesn't allow for the wounded person to go through the grieving process without feeling like they have to make everyone else around them not feel uncomfortable with their very real pain.

You have portrayed the initial mourning experience vividly and captured the topic well.

Good job. Blessings, Cheri
Sorry... I meant also to say that instead of speaking a platitude that makes us feel better, but often does diddly for the hurting person, we ought to just be honest. "I have no idea how you feel, but I'm here for you. I can listen. I can hug you. I care."

I know when I've been in grieving places in my life, those kinds of responses have been wonderful. I didn't expect my friends to have the answers, just be there for me.
This is written masterfully, such a heart-gripping story.
This is a very profound article. Those who have had that type of experience will relate I'm sure. You tell it like it is.
I have been there. Unlike the woman in this, my (now ex)husband went out drinking and left me alone in the hospital. This brought back painful memories, but I know my child is in heaven. Thanks for writing such a heartfelt article.
WOW, this is really powerful. I love how you show that it takes time get through the process of grief. You are right, sometimes we just can't get there right now. Well done!
I think your title and the last line: "I just cant go there right now" give this piece a touch of hope in the midst of the awful despair that you've described. I don't know if you intended it, but those two words "right now" say a whole lot. Not "right now" but later the healing will come.
Your story is heart rending. And it shows me how helpless we can be when others are so grief stricken, except to just accept them right where they stand, or fall, and love them. God bless you for sharing this message.
Wow. This story could also be in the next week's entries on anger. Because anger is always a secondary emotion. Your primary one was of grief, swirling raw grief. We could see it, taste it, hear it. Compelling! Thank you for sharing this.
Wow. I mourned with the main character and felt her pain though I haven't gone personaly through this experience myself but have many friends who have and we've wept together. So true to teh levels of grieving that all of us go through with one experience or another. Very well done. God bless and keep up the writing.
Wow...a truly heartbreaking piece.
So heartbreaking! Although I've not had this experience, I can very much relate to the feeling of "I can't go there right now." Your narrator will be drawn into peace eventually, through grace. This is a beautifully written story.
Oh, this truly is sad. Although I've not dealt with this, I could feel the despair. You did a great job.
This is such a tragic happening in a family's life. It calls so many things into question. I think you stated the mother's feelings honestly and that is what made this piece so appealing. Our family has had to face the same situation and it is so, so difficult.
WOW! I loved the honesty in this entry. So powerful. I love the title. This is so real. Thank you for sharing this. Excellent, excellent writing!
Such honesty and poingancy and despair. Excellent description and emotion. Wow.