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This was a fun read!! The ending is sooo funny!!
Priceless. This will be a favorite of mine, I loved every word. The funniest was the flip flops one of the ex husbands. The ending was perfect, just like the entire work!
Funneee! Just what she needed for her wedding jitters. Hope you won't mind my pointing out it's salon, not saloon. Unless you did that for added laughs. A good job on the whole.
The surprise ending was great. I kept wondering what would be the final straw to get her out of the salon.
You're a great story teller...had my attention from beginning to end. Your humor and timing are terrific. I would only suggest paying more attention to punctuation, run-on sentences, etc. It would make this creative entry truly shine!
Oh! I'd get you! What a trick! You took me in too. Good job.
Very cute - descriptive writing with a good attention to some perfect details:)
You got me! That was great! I laughed out loud at the end. Very well told.
LOL! I have to love this is simply too funny. The replacement hairdresser was a real hoot! No wonder poor Sylvia was worried about her hair...nice twist at the end, maybe a tad bit extra would've helped to make it a little more. It's so quick, if you skim through the front it might be missed. ^_^ Love the title...
Sooooooooo funny and very creative!! :D Great characterization of Rose the hairdresser! In fact, I think I've seen her where I get my hair cut! :) Enjoyed reading this immensely!!
This is wonderful. I love a good prank and this is a good one and it is well told.
Back in the days when men wore white walls I went to a new barber. I chose him because I was a poor college student and he had the lowest prices in the neighborhood. This guy stood in one place and kept the chair moving as he used the clippers. I must have done ten or twelve revolutions before he finished using those clippers. He gave me a good haircut and I continued to go to him until I graduated. Once every two weeks I lived in fear that this time he would mess seemed as if it was destined to happen one of those days, but it never did. Thanks this is a great story and it should finish in the top 40.
CONGRATULATIONS on your "Highly Commended"! You deserved it! This was so well-written and one of my favorites this week! :)
Congratulations on being highly commended. I loved your story, and was totally unprepared for the surprise at the end, which made it even funnier. Be careful with proofreading, spell check won't catch them all -- forever is one word and you wrote gong when I think you meant going. Other than that, it was perfect. I felt like I was right there in the salon with her. And almost as nervous too! Blessings, Cheri
I read about 25% of the humor stories from all four levels. It was a toss up for me whether your story or "Want an Apple" was the best I read. I'm glad that you placed in the top five. When I read "Cream Rinse is Extra" I was sure the writer was a woman. This makes your accomplishment that much better. Most men couldn't pull that off just as most women would have difficulty speaking with a male voice. Congratulations and thanks for your kind remarks.
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