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Love the title, like the overall rant - I struggled getting into it in the beginning, but the frog voice bit had me rolling. For me, the theme and tone didn't get me until then, and then I was just laughing good. Pretty brave endeavor with this piece.
This was great and the theme of my winter! The ending was my favorite. Good job!
Humor I think we can all relate to. I saw one comma where I would have used a semi-colon, but this is down-to-earth, from the heart, and I loved it. My fave was the part about singing along to the radio. :) The last line is great!
Hilarious - I could feel your pain! Great work.
I liked your idea of pressing the "well button." Your exaggerations of losing the voice are great.
Something I can definitely relate to! I enjoyed the one-sided conversation. It worked well for this creative piece. Way to go!
Great tone. Amusing read. Your POV character vents most convincingly, one would almost think you wrote from expereince... Yeggy
LOL! Very creative with this have quite the imagination. I love the last line best of all though, it fits just right! ^_^
I was laughing out loud and getting strange looks from my grandmother. She doesn't get it.

Great Job!
Wonderful title, great voice, I loved everything about this.
Ah....being sick is no fun, but you made it funny. Ribbit ribbit.
Loved it...related to it. It sounded like one of those conversations I have in my head. Bravo to you for writing it down. Great ending!
Hahaha! I've been more or less sick for about seven years, so I hear ya there, brother.