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Excellent. This was decriptive, hysterical and just all around excellent. I think as a follow up you should tackle the mammogram!
Julie, I've already written about mammograms. LOL ~~ I'll send you a link. MRIs and Mammograms are 2 subjects that nearly every woman has the same feeling about - the big time Ouchies! Oh, to devise a similar procedure for men! **grin**
Fantastic! What could be funnier than this. A claustrophobic myself, I share your horror of MRI's & mammograms--sheer torture! You win my vote for the best of the best.
You wanted to read the companion piece about Mammograms? Here goes: Read it and weep. LOL

I loved your descriptions. Having recently suffered through an MRI, I can attest to the accuracy of your sound effects!
Not being acquainted with, or having ever seen an MRI up close and personal, I count myself lucky; ESPECIALLY after having read your horrific account of said Monster. Very nice job of writing, and thanks for clueing me in on a machine I hope never to meet. Kudos!
This could be hilarious. However, I lived every squashing moment you lived. (I've never had an MRI, and now I probably never will.) I couldn't get past the horror to see the humor. But it was great writing, and I'm sure it was humorous to most who have already been there. Good job.
This was the first one I've read where I laughed out loud!! I absolutely loved your descriptions! You are too funny - I have always had an enormous claustrophobic fear of MRIs and imagined the open one to be my salvation ---well...At least I'll be able to laugh through my Meat Press.:)
When my wife had her MRI I left her with "I hope your nose doesn't itch." A couple years latter I was launched in to the casket called the MRI. Fortunately she is kinder than I am. I can relate and it is good to know that I'm not alone in being highly uncomfortable in tight spaces... now do you have a story to help me feel like I'm not the only person whose blood runs cold in high places and in the presence of a snake. Good job.
Too funny! Great descriptions of your horror - I almost felt bad laughing at you. er, WITH you? Loved the part about the tool noises. Wonderfully humorous writing.
I've got to hand it to you with the excellent descriptions! This had me laughing out loud the entire way through. Way to go, Writer!
Congratulations! I told you Humor was your "cup of tea!" And Judges thought so too. Way to go!
This was so funny - and something my wife has tried to explain to me many times.
Congratulations on your win!
Mariane, This had to be one of my favorite entries when I was judging! I loved the way you kept the humor going throughout and the recurring reference to the hamburger press. Congratulations on your win! Blessings, Elizabeth
This is great!
Knew I'd find you here, my humorous friend, but I wished I'd have read this prior to my last MRI so I could have a laughter diversion. Good writing! Connie