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Awesome--the thought that the most beautiful music that stirs us here on earth is only a pale shadow of what we will hear (and sing!) in heaven. This feels like a true story--the sort of thing that stays with one forever. And you captured the feel of the music with your words, even though we can't hear it. Nice!
I'm amazed at the various ways God uses to draw us to Himself. I enjoyed this testimony of His grace.
This story haunted me. I could identify with it, because of my own experience of sensing a "taste of heaven" one evening during a church homegroup prayer time. Wonder how that music actually sounded!

I especially liked in this the opening paragraph, with its use of verbs like "stroll."

I also liked the ending, the way the "this world" music heard by the narrator somehow connected to the heavenly music.

Great title, too--I noticed the word "captivated" used in the story, so it fit really well. Great job!
The title was perfect and the story well crafted, a great way to use the theme. Great job!
This is a dream I would love to experience, too! Your story demonstrates the power and influence music can have in our lives--whether for good or evil. In this case, though, I'm glad it was for good! :) Well done!
Eye hath not seen, and I'm sure our ears have not heard the beauty that awaits those who wait on the Lord - this story made me want that more than anything in the world! Thank you for this lovely've spurred me on to keep the faith and finish the course so that I can hear that same music you envisioned in your dream. Thank you! Great Job! Your story had me "Captivated".
I have often thought of the music that will be in heaven. I enjoyed your descriptions and your narrative of how God drew you to Himself through music.
I'm blessed to read this story. I see the comparison to my story that you mentioned.

Reading your story, I remembered about a day when my husband told me He remembered a song from his youth that contained the words, "faith, hope, and charity, but the best is charity." He always wondered what charity meant.

How great is our God to keep this song with my husband all these years and to finally give him his answer about charity being love.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful story, sure to touch many hearts.

In Jesus' Name,

I really enjoyed the 'voice' to this beautiful story. Music has always played a big part of my life too and many will be able to relate to this. And what a message of hope! Oh what music we will hear one day! Woohoo!
Yes, music ministers. God has given us a medium that we can identify with. He's awsome!
You were blessed to hear and remember the music and we are likewise blessed for your sharing this well-written musical testimony
I LOVE your voice, Jen - as usual. No one can write these pieces like you can. Thank you for blessing me once again. (Oh - I like it! hehe)
A captivating piece indeed! I love that it was a dream that carried such an impact. Reminds me of when we can't think anymore, we feel and dreams are so real that it can bring us back to the things in life that really matter. Good tie in with the topic-I especially liked the touch of the companion beside her when she was dreaming. ^_^
I really liked this story and how you point out that music ministers to people. Well done!
A great story and very fun to read. I could imagine the experience clearly through your words. Thanks for sharing this
I, too, dream that the music in heaven is beyond anything we can imagine. This story is a great illustration of just how powerful music can be in our lives. Nicely done.
Very well crafted story ... kept me captivated. Great job with this.
The music in a worship is a very integral part. Thank you for stressing this. I love the heavenly music you referred to as well. This wel written piece has a very nice feel to it.