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This portrayal of a Bible character made him and his situation come alive! I could feel with him through the vivid descriptions. Great title as well--I was drawn in both by its alliteration and by curiosity over how the musician was "misplaced."
I like your take on this story. It's right on topic, and vey well-written, too.
After reading this I realize how we take praise for granted and should be much more active with it! This was very well done, felt like I was right there.
What an interesting story, and a Bible lesson all in one. Very nicely done! Great Job!
The Title tells the story itself - and this is well written, and tells the story of how "it must have been"; sad, but a great re-telling of the story in parable fashion. Enjoyed the read immensely!
Wow! This had me enthtalled! I'll have to check those verses to get a feel for what was going on!

This is soooooo very good and it's very great work.

I LOVED it! GREAT job!
After I read this, I thought: "Obvious choice for this theme, so why didn't I think of it?" It was a great choice and you handled it beautifully. Congratulations a winner in my book.

This is a shoe-in. I was struck by the comparison of the violent river/Babylon versus the peace of his homeland. Excellant imagery done with a subtle touch.
Writing like this is inspired.
Absolutely beautiful, and I really like the alliteration in the title, too.
I'd be too chicken to try something like this, but you clearly know how it's done. Great job. :)
I liked everything about this from the title through the end. Definitely one of my favorites this week. Great job.
I enjoyed this peak into the life of a captive musician. You did a great job capturing his emotions and his desire not to sing, yet his need to sing those same songs.
What a creative and perfectly on-target piece! I love the way you brought this psalm to life with your wonderful phrasing! Great writing! :)
How well you illustrated the verses in the Bible. I felt the emotion clear to my heart. I hope this is a winner because it's a winner to me.
What a beautiful rendition of this old Bible tale. Good job. You had all my attention.
Joanne, you have really done a great job with this piece. The writing is very good. This sentence moved me: "Where are they, Lord? Where are the still waters, the green pastures? Where is my restored soul?" Very, very nicely done.
You do have a gift for historical writing. You set the scene, knew the background and brought the Psalms to life. More importantly, you understood and conveyed the meaning. Bravo!
I love the way you wrote this. Such a good job, I really loved it.
I think all of the things that describe this wonderful piece have already been said. If I could add one thing, it would be this...I hope it does very well, because I think it deserves to.
Absolutely beautiful! I'm so glad I read this wonderful piece! You have put such skill and sensitivity into this evocative story! Excellent!