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I enjoyed reading this--could picture the frustrated little boy and the dedicated teacher.
This worked well as prose written in the format of poetry--the brief lines added to the intensity of feelings. Was also grabbed by the unusual and clever title!
Super title! I got a little bit confused at one point--what does he read with great enthusiasm? But you certainly expressed beautifully the frustration of a learning disability. I also really like your free verse format.
What a lovely, gentle, toching poem. I really enjoyed this and felt my heart going out to the lad who was failing to be al he could be because of his dyslexia. Great.
Sue, I loved the way you conveyed this message. This was beautiful in a heart-wrenching sort of way. No one knows the struggles a dyslexic reader goes through. But you portrayed it very well.

I loved it! It made my heart sigh just thinking about the challenges this little boy must face.
Very well done. The connection to the art was good, as my bro-in-law is dyslexic (as is my nephew) and artistic.
Oh, this was good. I saw the title and wanted to read it, but hadn't gotten around to it. And don't worry. I understood perfectly what he was reading aloud with great enthusiasm. And when I've been working in the classroom, I've found that's the perfect way to figure out what someone wrote when you can't read the handwriting. lol
Very nice story and the form helped with the narrator's POV. I felt his frustration and was right there in the corridor with them. Thanks for sharing this
A lot of emotion here! I liked the ending where the reader 'read'. Great work!
You captured his feeling and made me understand his frustrations. You helped me understand the struggle my sister had--Thank you!! I loved his humor at the end!
Loved it, especially might as well been another language, might as well been poison. That's showing, and a mighty excellent way of doing so. Excellent!
well done, I like how you brought us into the little boys world, almost showing us his fear of failure.
Wonderful, touching story told in a captivating manner! I enjoyed reading it as unrhyming poetry and thought it flowed so very well! Thank you!