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I love the quote. A fit word for me as I ponder which "classic" literature to introduce to my children. Your writing is great, but I wonder how you might write the same story with less "telling" :-). Still, a valuable lesson in this well-written piece.
This is well-written, and provides much food for thought...your open ending is very effective--what's she going to do when she gets back to the Collier library? Personally, I hope she keeps them; I think there's definitely a place for the classics in our lives. I suspect that your protagonist would disagree with me, though. You've presented your case well, and it's far more entertaining reading it in this form than in a persuasive-style essay.
Kept me interested to the end. Great finish. Definitely keep writing.
Yeah, very thought-provoking. I'm with Jan - I hope she keeps them. ALthough I can't say I've read Hawthorne. Got it on my shelf though... might take a look!
This is nice. I love it when the endng isn't all neatly tied up with a bow. Thought provoking and a good read.
To think this whole story was birthed from one quote. What a creative mind to go along with your great writing talent. Superb. God bless.
You have ended the story in a powerful way which causes us to think. Id like to think she would just put the books on a top shelf until her children were old enough to read them:)
Hehe I think I like Jan's suggestion. Sounds like I need to talk to you and a few others who have commented so I know what classics I should read. I think this brought to light how FEW classics I have read.
It's so hard for me to think of throwing a book away! Especially well written works of art! Unless of course it is blatantly anti-God. (which I have done)

A great (well written) 'slice of life' to relate to and ponder upon - great point and message. :)

You made me think and good pieces of fiction that make you think are a very effective tools!
You raise a great conversation here. I could definitely relate to switching off mommy mode just to sneak a few lost moments with a classic.
I love that 'quote' great job!
Over the years I have gotten rid of a very few books, which I felt at the time were not "healthy" for a Christian to read. I understand the mother's concern as to what literature her children might find and read, too. Your piece does make us think, and I thank you for that! :)