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Very charming story! As a grandmother, I can almost picture the moment...and oh, what precious moments they are.
I really enjoyed this story! Wonderful dialogue--both the grandpa and the little kids came alive for me and I felt as though I were right with them all inside that car!

This story brought back memories of when my two daughters were little, also my two cousins--both sets of small sisters would do or chant outrageous things together, including while riding in the car!
Love your easy-going writing style! As I was reading, I was thinking, what does he do with naughty bumper stickers? And then--you answered it! Fun to read, and makes me long for grandchildren.
Very cute. This was such a pleasure to read, and the dialogue was wonderful. For some reason this cracked me up: "Over there grandpa, that car has one. Go over there and read it". Sounds like those kids have a fun grandpa. Thanks for sharing this.
Absolutely delightful reading! No two ways about it! What a patient and charming Grandpa you are - I'd have climbed out and let them drive after all that singing about "Grandpa is too close, Grandpa is too close". But the entry was creative, right on topic, and very well written with a twinge of wit and I enjoyed the read and the ride! Excellent!
What a fun memory for all of you. Thanks for a delightful read.
This must have been written by a true grandpa! Loved it!