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Unique spin on the topic. I like that the mother saw something different (and better) than the child did. Isn't that just like a mom?
Nicely done.
We often judge ourselves too harshly. However, your mom saw with eyes of love, just as Jesus sees us. You managed to express this without actually saying it.
With the "Title", I figured I was going to be reading about "brain cells"; you know, "gray matter?" However, it was a delightful and fun read. I enjoyed the candor and the lighthearted chit chat between mother and daughter. Nice job.
I too. thought it was going to be a 'brainy' entry! ;)

Instead it was a precious perspective of love with a touch of dry wit - very good! :) Loved the visuals.
Outstanding, unique, inspiring and very well done. I feel like an old lump of clay on somebody's door post sometimes myself. Enjoyed this very much. God bless.
How nice. This was so believeable as well as heartwarming. Made me smile.
Wonderful dialogue. I loved this sweet portrait of a mother's perspective. Aren't we just like that?
What I liked most here was the interaction between this mature woman and her mother--a relationship not often depicted. They seem very real and likeable.
Very nice! I like the description of the sculpture and it was a nice way for the mom to honor her child's unique talents. I enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing it
This is a wonderful piece. I have been on the receiving end of many of your prayers . I know that your heart was in this precious story. Oh that we could all be a lump of clay with prayer knees.