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If I were a Judge, after reading this entry I would wonder where the"Parent" came into the scene. It was more about the child that wanted and didn't receive; but that's just one person's opinion. The Title, of course, was an attention grabber and lured me in. Thanks for sharing.
Awww...Very touching story and very well written. I loved how you described a child's anticipation of Christmas. The recycled paper chains from school brought back a few memories! My fave: Prancer was eating Christmas oats in someone elses living room.

Thanks for a story everyone can relate to.
I love this story. My favorite part was the same sentence Ann pointed out. You pulled me into the story and I like when a piece takes me away for a bit and this one did. :)
I'm going to agree with Ann, the prancer line was one of those memorable lines, The entire story was very well crafted. God bless.
This was a very enjoyable read. Good job!
TeeHee. I was expecting a real black pony or a surprise still to come. Oops. Not quite. I remember the anticipation of Christmas morning and the slight let down when reality strikes. Good descriptive scenes throughout.
I know exactly how you feel--I always wanted an Easy Bake Oven. Never got it. You really tapped into those childhood longings--good job.
Amazingly vivid detail - such an expert slice of life. Loved the same line everyone else did!
This is so readable! You have just the right touch in showing the sibling conflicts, the anticipation, the disappointment. The hurt your narrator saw on her dad's face is what got to me the most, however. Those hasty words we wish we could take back plague us all, I'm afraid. Thank you for this, and for your sweet comment on my "parent" story, too.