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I can't believe no one has commented on this emotional and well-written piece. From the first few lines, I knew I was on a journey that I didn't want to experience. But...I kept reading anyway. Your masterful writing drew me in and wouldn't let me look away. God Bless You.
Ann is right. This should have nineteen other comments.

Wow. Wonderful, pain-filled imagery. Writing from the soul is powerful stuff and impossible to not be affected by, and impossible to do poorly.

Outstanding job.
Your story awakened memories of the time I lost a baby. I had two older boys and people dared to remind me of that as though the baby didn't matter. Each child is precious and made for love, each loss a heartbreak that never completely mends.
This hurt. Wow wow wow. And I love the dialogue at the end between the parents. Masterful.
Little touches make it seem so real - like the bit of milk escaping, the anger, the brothers in arms... powerful.
Coming from the father of a stillborn child...thank you. The details that you portray are real and I can put myself in that room. A sad piece that touches reality.