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ok, this story was superbly written, had awesome movement nad clear, consise wording, yet I ended up confused. I couldn't understand who "Max" was supposed to be and why Joe's son was left to rot inside a dying buidling. Was Max an angel or did he kidnap him or was he...? It was an incredible story, but left the reader with a few questions. Of course, it could just be me.
I had questions too about the ending..wasn't sure of what really happened but as I was reading it I thought how smoothly it flowed and how I loved the dialogue as it was to the point and fit the characters. Nice story...just tell me what it meant more.
The author wrote me and explained that it was part two of his sotry he wrote last week.

Note: the readers would understand that it was a sequel if you keep the original title and put (Part II or Continued) in brackets. Great job. I went back to read the first part.I loved it!
Beautifully written--I especially appreciate your way with dialog.