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OK, this was a great idea, but your story jumps were really difficult to follow. (I've done the same thing numerous times) I am familar with this story, but people who don't know this story will have a difficult time following along. I loved your writing though and I'm looking forward to finding out who you are so I can read a few more of your stories. You have a ton of talent.
Very, very well done--you've done a period piece without anachronisms in speech or otherwise--not easy to do. And you've taken one of the less familiar stories of the Bible and brought it to life. Good job all around.
Awesome! I loved it. Kate~
This is a good story. I agree with the comment about the story jumps being hard to follow at times, but overall I like it.
An interesting view on a familiar story, but I did find it difficult to follow.
You've covered a huge piece of history here - perhaps too huge for 750 words. The gaps between scenes are a bit confusing. But I like the imagination and creativity in putting the story together, This is well written. Good job.
What a refreshing and interesting story! Yes, so well written and engaging! I really like this a lot. Great job!
You put me right there in the scene - I think this is GREAT!
Excellent story. You have a very realistic way of telling a story. Thanks