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I, personally feel very differently about death, BUT your story was so full of word pictures that pulled me into your viewpoint that I am able to be annoyed with you.
I love all the word pictures you've packed inside this story, like the idea of "wearing sunshine when your heart is all inked up." You made an excellent point with your story. I think this will be a winner!
I liked all of this, especially the last line. Nice job!
One word....Fabulous!

Bravo! I liked everything about this piece. Good flow from start to finish. Good use of metaphors. And full of sincerity and truth. Can't wait to read your next entry, Kate!
Kate, I love this entry. It needs a few tweaks here and there (more to do with the age of the voice for the main character than anything else), but you caught and held my attention from start to finish. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I made it one of my rare Publisher's Choice winners. That means I plan to include it in the 2018 Mixed Blessings collection. Normally this is only for the top three entries each week, but now and then, I choose one that I particularly liked. You are the third Publisher's Choice for the year. Keep rising to the Challenge! Deb
Thankyou for all the encouragement. And thanks Deb, very exciting!
Congratulations on ranking 1st in your level and 15 overall. The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.
I loved this! Wonderful descriptions and great content!
This is a powerful story. I totally related to it. I liked how you spoke from the hurt little girl's POV for mist if the story (there were a couple of spots in middle where you slipped to the adult voice). God has such wonderful timing. I have been struggling with the concept of death this week, and this is just what I needed to read. I enjoyed how you balanced the pain with your delightful, yet subtle, sense of humor. Congratulations on winning end of quarter winner for level 2. Happy Dance! The other winners can be found on message boards.
Just read this, and would like to echo Deb's comments. It captured my full attention until the last period. However, throughout my read, I kept wondering how a young child could engage in such adult musings.
Congratulations on winning the Quarterly awards and being picked to be published in the 2018 Mixed Blessings book, Kate.

Your story touched me. I agree with you about death being a mixture of emotions. Even though Jesus knew that Lazarus would be healed, he still wept.