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I like your message. We do get annoying when we are annoyed. That made me smile.
My biggest suggestion would be to use I instead or we or They. Whatever POV you choose, be consistent throughout. Just by doing that, you can make it feel like you're sharing your wisdom instead of preaching at the reader, but that's just my opinion. I know others like the we or they, and it depends on what you're writing. Since you have a wonderful way with words, avoid clichés like the pointing one. Instead describe it in your own words.
The verses you picked out were great. Although there's a difference between annoyed and anger, I think you still did a good job of writing on topic while delivering a great message. Nicely done.
I liked the way you expressed your views without preachy or a tone of condemnation.

You seemed to be siding with the reader which is great.

I kinda wondered what more you would have said if the word limit was larger.

Overall a good read.
Great metaphor of anger as a drug--and the better drug (vitamin G). Like it!
Great job with the topic!

I really liked the part about the prison cell door true!