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Congratulations on achieving your college degree. I didn't get much assistance from my high school counselors either.

I believe that the workforce undervalues life experiences and hard work. Keep dreaming and believing.

You might consider editing paragraph nine; I found it confusing.
You touched on a subject that so many people dream of...a college degree. Yet, you made me feel good if that was not achieved, not looked down upon but giving one hope to use what gifts they have with all their hearts! I enjoyed reading your article...great job!
Excellent, touching and moving!

Thanks for sharing.

It's a great story, filled with really inspirational stuff.

From a writing standpoint, some of the sentences are tough to understand at first read, like: "No guaranteed performance, or core values, had a college degree promised". I had to re-read that sentence and the one before it a few times before I caught your drift. It could just be me being slow (I am pretty tired right now).

There is also some confusion for me in your timeline. In one place you write about crying when your daughter goes to college, and that part of that is jealousy at what you never got to do, but then when you tell us about your inspiration to go to college yourself, you talk about being in your twenties, with little ones and how you overcame working and being a single mom to graduate with a valedictorian of your class.

I think a little clarification would really help. But those are structural items that are easily corrected. The core of your story, and the lesson for all of us to not quit on our dreams (even if we didn't know we had one), are intact and come across clearly.

Overall, a very nice job.
Congratulations, Judy, on your first place in the Intermediate category! Welcome to the Advanced level.
Thanks Bonnie for the kind words. I'm delighted with my "first" 1st place article.

It's my understanding that one changes levels if selected as Editors Choice. Didn't make that, but I'll go back and reread the rules. Thanks.
Bonnie, you are 100% correct. All this time I thought one had to reach Editors Choice to move up. Cool news to know I'm now in Level 3 Advanced.

Thanks for the enlightenment.
Congratulations on 1st Place!
Congratulations on 1st place!!!
I have goose bumps traveling up my legs...Your testimony is a beautiful tribute to God's work in you.
The wisdom He graciously gave you before and after your degree, is well rounded.
Oh and you can write! Congrats.