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Excellent story with an excellent message...well done!

God bless~
Quite a story. Not sure if fiction or non-fiction, either way the MC was certainly on an emotional roller coaster.

There seemed to be more telling than showing. Your first paragraph. for example.

I stood there in the high ceiling, ornate office on a sunny Friday afternoon, puzzled. I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams what was coming. My employer, dressed in his expensive, dark gray business suit, was discharging me after many years of loyal service. The force of his words was titanic, and my expression surely revealed my shock.

The describing of his high tastes does not add to the MC's confusion. Perhaps try interjecting self talk, or words from the boss, with more showing words, such as:

Frighten, confused, and puzzled, I found myself stunned and perplexed at my boss' words.
You are being dismissed. You have two weeks until your job will be eliminated.
But why?
No answers were forthcoming. Even during the two weeks, I was unable to grasp his rationale. I could not wrap my head around his actions after so many years of blood, sweat, and tears of dedication to my job, and his company. None of this makes sense.

Keep writing. You have good structure. It needs refinement. I have this issue too. They say, if you spot it, you've got it. It's easier for me to learn by reading other's works to help improve. I hope you take my comments as helpful, which is my intent.
God was behind the scenes somewhere in the midst of all of that confusion.

I agree with Judy that you need more showing and less telling. Get right to the conflict.

Keep writing!
This story rocks! Thanks for depicting Romans 8:28 so clearly and so well.
Congratulations, Dot, on placing 1st place in the Intermediate Category. Your story had many twists and turns and I enjoyed reading it.
Congrats. Well deserved!
Nicely, done Dot. Congrats. Your story drew me in and kept me interested. There were a few sentences that could have been structured better, but overall this was a very good piece with a good message. Keep writing!
Well done, Dot - Congratulations!

You held my attention all the way through.

Keep writing.
Congratulations on your first place ribbon. I read and agree with Judy's comment because I too am learning to show and not tell.

Your concept was engaging-Write on!