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Very interesting and creative storyline with a message attached to it.

God Bless~
The story was creative and thought provoking. It is often difficult for me to prioritize my day so I could identify with MC.

I noticed one sentence that may need some tweaking: Have you noticed the number of begging letters. It sounded like the letters were begging instead of letters asking for money.

The story made me stop and think about my priorities which is a good thing.
If there was ever a case for putting first things, first, your story gets this message across.

I sensed a lot of telling, rather than showing.

Your first paragraph, for example:
I am so confused. I made a list of New Year Resolutions and it’s gone missing. Now if I could just find my glasses, I may be able to find it amongst the piles of junk mail in my to-do drawer.

Perhaps add some emotions, self talk, or actions would help, like:
In my frequent oversight these days, tense and confused feel like unwelcomed constant companions. Now where is my list of New Year's resolutions? It keeps getting misplaced, and for some reason, it's my roadmap to sanity with the mountains of unread mail. Oh, my glasses. Another items of the commonly lost items. Where are they? Why do I bother with a to-do drawer when I never do anything with it?

I hope these examples make sense. You have good basis for the story. Keep writing.
Congratulations, Elaine, on placing 2nd place in the Intermediate Category. I can relate to the MC; I'm always misplacing my glasses, keys, etc.
I do so love this. Congrats!