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I appreciate the message this holds. And the 4th paragraph got me chuckling. I liked this.
Creative and fresh and fun! Great job with this. I really liked it a lot, from the beginning to the end.

God bless~
Oh, forgot to add...I loved the last paragraph and the prolific message it brings forward.

Well done.

God bless~
You've had some fun here, which made it all fairy interesting. It may have been better to build the allegory of the fantasy and real life adjustments a little earlier. This would earth the impact of your conclusion - which is quite clear, but as the only strong element of reality it almost looks contrived.
I enjoyed your entry. Very creative and right on topic. I especially liked the part where Cinderella read "the book" that so many had called a "fairy tale".

The Word of God where we find the true Prince. Keep writing!
Hysterical update on the marriage made in Heaven for happily ever after, or whas that even after? Love it!

Love in and through and because of Him . . .

1 Timothy 3:16 kjv
Cleverly done. I enjoyed the creativity of blending all the different fairy tale creatures.
You've captured or alluded to every fantasy tale this is! Wow! Poor Cinderella, but in
"the end," she found Who was important. I love your creativity!
God bless~
This is wonderfu. I totally loved your out-of-the-box approach, and as with all good fairy tales, it had a wonderful moral of the story ending. I've "rewritten" a few fairy tales and can totally appreciate the difficulty in it.

The only red ink I have is nitpicky. Make sure you start a new paragraph each time someone different speaks, which you did in a way, it's just the others were double spaced. Like I said--nitpicky. I also wondered if the fairy godmother should be capped because you used the word, the treating it like a common noun instead of a proper one like: She talked to Godmother.

Those were really minor things that just popped into my head. The good far outweigh any nitpicking on my side. You grabbed my attention immediately. I found myself intrigued and eager to read on. The characters, even though familiar, were still your own and well-developed. The best part is the ending. You really touched my heart and made me stop and examine my own thoughts and feelings.

Congratulations on your 1st place in your level and for ranking 15 overall! Happy Dance!
Congratulations Kat on a great entry and deserved win!
Delightful take on the topic. I was particularly amused by the way that she had to obtain Charmings permission to go and see her friend!