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I applaud this poem! Wow! Fantastic rhythm and absolute dead on accuracy about the plight of our nation today.

I hope you win Editor's Choice. Truly dynamite!

God bless~


Good rhythm, very passionate, a solid poem. However... I disagree with the idea that the Lord who wants all to come to Him is at his wit's end with humanity. I imagine He'll be feeling some sorrow when He returns rather than frustration. It makes me sad to think about that.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't criticize or bring up theology. I liked this poem. You are a talented poet indeed.
Great commentary of the current happenings in this world.

Excellent job!

God bless~
I think you did a fine job with this piece. I like how you stayed true to your beliefs and presented them in the way you did. That can take a lot of courage in this day of politically correctness.

I did notice you left out the apostrophe in wit's end and the last two rhymes seemed a bit forced to me, but I'm the first to admit that I don't always hear the rhythm and rhyme like others do so that could totally be on me.

You did a great job of writing on topic. You really nailed it and your piece is the type that will make people stop and think and that is always a good thing.

God bless~
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