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Really fascinating angle on taking control of our thoughts. I enjoyed this thoroughly. I'll also be praying for your mind to be sound and hold only thoughts of our Lord.
Well written story with a great message to give it all to "Jesus" who strengthens us and who will help us deflect all negativity.

My prayers are with you.

God bless~
I totally enjoyed this. I'm glad you realized the ketchup wasn't shampoo before pouring it on your head. You made me laugh and nod my head with agreement. Oh I can relate.

The only red ink I have is so tiny it's almost not worth mentioning, but--first, em dashes should not have a space on either side--like this. The other is use exclamation marks sparingly. You have an outstanding way of allowing your words to do your exclaiming for you so you really don't need them at all in this piece.

Your ending was outstanding. I didn't see it coming and it literally took my breath away for a second. You really packed a wallop with that last line. Because of your delightful sense of humor, it was unexpected so when it sank in, it was so powerful. I am definitely going to remember that the next time I start to beat myself up. This was a delightful read and you totally touched my heart with your brilliant words.