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I really like this continuing story. I especially appreciate that Madi's parents are supportive, not judgmental. Perhaps through the rest of the challenge, we'll get some closure on this story?
I was glad to see Madi again and know she was managing. The bit about running her fingers through her short hair was a nice touch. I had forgotten how her husband had cut off her long pretty hair. I'm torn between wanting to know more and not wanting to...because it is so painful. Nevertheless...good writing!
I remember these characters! I asked for more and here it is! I'm glad Madi's dad finally came around. Support from those in our families is so important! Thanks for sharing:) More, More!
Yes, I'm hooked, too. Well written and touching. A tough issue to tackle. I particularly loved the layered effect of the sparrow. Well done. Yeggy
Well thought through and presented. Probably this series should be a level up, but we can find it no matter where you hide it. blessings - dub
I was touched by your story and underlying messages. Nice work!
God bless ya, littlelight
I smell something longer being submitted elsewhere...great writing, great characters. Well done!
A difficult and contentious subject handled with finesse. Yes a longer excursion into this kind of pain would be helpful to many readers.
Ok, I think I'm missing something. There's a part I? Powerful writing filled with hope and faithfulness in the midst of great suffering. Well done Julianne.
such a heartbreaking story-well written
I'm glad to see you took everyone's advice and continued this story. Great job at reminding us of the previous story and letting this one stand on its own. Just wondering, is this still based on truth or did you branch out into your own imaginings?
CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so glad that you're getting this published. It is very touching, very real, and very well written.
Yay! Jules, what can I say? I was thrilled to see you in the Editors' Choice. My old school motto was, "Success Smiles on Effort." I've never forgotten that, and I think you're seeing the truth of it in this win. Well done.

Now although I would normally say move on up to Level 3 because you won in the Editors' Choice, I don't want to push you before you feel ready. So the decision is yours. If you want to stay on Level 2 a little longer, please don't feel pressured to move up. If you think you're ready, then up you go.

Anyway, congratulations again Julianne. You deserved your win. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
And so the saga continues.
Wow. I want more... more!!!
Good job Jules. Thrilling read thus far.