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Flowed nicely and good dialogue! I could feel her sorrow! I might suggest dropping the AND at the beginning of a sentence:) Thanks!
Very nice--thanks!
Many today also feel the same sadness as this young child. War is never nice or easy. This piece touched my heart. Thank you:)
Well written, as I read this I wonder if the same feelings flowed with mothers who have watched their sons and daughters go off to war. blessings - dub
I really liked your story, good feelings and sad. However, if you notice in your descriptions, "the tears cascading down her cheeks" for instance--was not necessary to "repeat" on the following line--and
"the tears dripping off her nose." Could have been one sentence. Somethings I also need work on (LOL) Good job!
God bless ya, littlelight
I was getting tears in my eyes as I read this. Nice job.
I don't cry - but I am now. I could picture myself saying goodbye to my stepfather, and I felt the emotion all the way through. The bitter sweetness isn't easy to handle. Nicely written. Thank you.
Your writing conveyed realistic feelings from both the Dad and the child. Very real and very sad. Well done. :) Karen
The story had me in tears; but it needs some excess words edited out to make it more compact...but great story.
A very heartrending story
sweet title with a sweet story. Sometimes it makes you wonder why some people seem to have more sad events than others. A touching piece. Nice Job.
Tisha, it was delightful to see you in the winners' list! Congratulations on your 5th Place in the Editors' Choice, and your 3rd place in the Level 2 awards. Time to move up to Level 3. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Congrats! I'm so happy for you!