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What a wonderful story. Serves as a priceless reminder as to "what matters" in this current life on earth. Thank you for this poignant and sweet story. God Bless~
You did a great job of painting a picture of what most of us go through at times when we have a job to do. Why aren't we just thankful that we HAVE a means of support? Still, I think we have all been down that road.
What a great story. I will have to remember it the next time I take my job for granted. Thanks.
A wonderful reminder that God's blessings are not always obvious, sometimes we have to look hard for them.

Perhaps look at your formatting next time; leaving spaces between the paragraphs makes it a bit easier to read. And don't forget to proof read; just a couple of tiny spelling errors. This seems pedantic, but it does interrupt the flow of the story a bit. Overall, a very well done story.
I enjoyed this so much. A perfect title would have been "This is Why". The beginning drew me right into the bedroom and I could feel the dread of going out in the cold.

You had a few minor issues with spacing, double space between each paragraph to give the reader that white space. I also saw some extra spaces between commas or quotation marks. Hitting preview before submit will help you catch those little things. Also don't use explanation marks so much. Save them for dialog and let your words do your expressing.

You did an outstanding job of writing on topic while delivering a poignant message that so many can relate to. Great read!
A priceless reminder of His ways, not ours! Thank you for the beautiful warmth and faith in your story.
Congrats...God Bless~