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Hahahahaha. I loved this true to life entry. I especially identified with the Charles Stanley cruise! Great story...Great job!

No matter what your plans are- may you cruise on tranquil seas with Jesus as your light- always.

God Bless ~
I loved this article. God blessed us with the opportunity to go to the Holy Land, and your day dreams were very much to the point. We didn't get to Bethlehem, it wasn't safe at the time, but we were in Jesus tomb and the thoughts and presense of God overwhelmed my being. Walking where Jesus walked was a great experience, but I am glad that I do not live there as I believe one could make an idol of the place, instead of the One who walked there. But, the Bible did open up in a different way and became even more precious.
I really like this story. I'm not sure if you intended to, but I felt that the first part was quite low-key (reflective of the mundane ins and outs of life), and the second, day-dreaming part burst to life! Your descriptions were lovely and really drew me in. Well done.
This was a fun read. I smiled at the daydreaming. The plan B line made me chuckle. You did a nice job staying on topic while giving me a smile.
I so enjoyed travelling your day dreams with you reminding us we can dream while still embracing reality. Good job and thank you for sharing the journey!
Congratulations for ranking 6th place in level 2!