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Such a nice simple story with a very touching message. I like the way the MC character communicates, all through technology (clicks and making a document) but converses with the Lord all the way. Left a warm feeling and a smile. Thanks!
Nicely done. I loved how Jesus got her attention while on the computer. The Lord will touch our souls when we least expect it.

I enjoyed this warm and inviting entry. Good job.
God Bless~
This was a good, clear picture of life. How many people who need Jesus so deeply spend their time doing everything else. Melinda finally found the time and took advantage of it to form a bond with Jesus that hopefully will be eternal. How many people like her never get around to seeking out that which they need most in the world? Good job!
I liked the fact that she felt 'put upon' and somewhat offended by the title. In fact, I even recognize this knee jerk reaction in my own soul. I also like that when the MC made her decision, she went all in!
This is great, the conflict within and how Melinda made her choice were very believable. I love happy endings, and this definitely ended on a positive note.
I really enjoyed this creative take on the topic. It is sweet and has a wonderful message