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I loved this entire story - it held my attention from the first sentence to the very last, which incidentally was my favortie line..."And in the case of Jesus, Hes never offline or AFK. Hes always there. Thats what I call connected" Powerful ending with a strong message, Jesus is always there. Amen.

Thanks for this. God Bless~
I absolutely LOVE this essay. It is well said and very profound. Although I wouldn't have been able to express it, I do agree with the fact that we need to be watched. :) I hadn't ever made the connection about the first thing God said was 'not good.' Thank you. The only note that struck me a bit off was when people hang out in the city, they are called a gang. It might be true....I am still chewing on it. I just think of gangs as more malcontented and involved in destruction.
This was well written and very true. I feel the same way about this and recently a close group of us had another friend pass away very young. Since then I have used facebook to plan monthly get togethers. You can touch base and keep up with those you care about through status updates and photo postings. But the value of shared moments in person are priceless.

I pray everyone understands the importance of that one on one physical interaction with those we care about.
I enjoyed this. You covered the topic perfectly. The beginning was great and I teared up over the ending.
I am so thrilled that you won - Congratulations! Your entries each week represent the epitome of Christianity.
Excellent job - well done.
God Bless~
Congrats on your placement, Hiram!