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Wow! Quite a sermon in this story. I was cheering and applauding you for your insight. Thanks for sharing, and the writing was excellent!
I truly enjoyed reading your article, and loved how you brought it together at the end. i so agree with all your sentiments and it is not only the americans that think like that, sadly it is becoming more and more "normal| to be naughty, bad or offensive. The other day I heard two radio hosts laughing about a guy who had written in saying at 30 he was a virgin and waiting for the right girl. I was disgusted at their attitudes that this guy was seriously dysfunctional.
Good read my friend:)
Excellent message - we need to hear this loud and clearly, practice it and help others do the same. Good job.
I'm reminded of the words my husband once said.- compared to other kids, ours are well-behaved. My answer was I want them to be good kids based on our standards not the world's. Your article reminded me we need to hold ourselves to a high standard.
What an eye opener. This needs to be taught in every church around the world. Great writing.
An absolutely (and unfortunately) honest and true article which should be a loud wake-up call to us first as Christians and then as Americans. Let ALL our voices ring out against the immoralization of society today! And...great writing!!
i liked your angle on the them and it is salient how "norms" change with the times. This is as true in England as in the States so there is alot here that i can relate too.
Christians in the UK are certainly becoming the "abnormal" in society
Congratulations for placing 7th in level two!
Sadly, this is a well written commentary on our society now days.