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Whoa! You captured how the media goes into a feeding frenzy over what they consider news. Like you I pray for William and Kate's happiness, but I wouldn't like living in the fish bowl.
Interesting story about young Kate--I hadn't heard that one over on this side of the pond.

Avoid exclamation points in essay ssuch as this one; they're best used only in dialogue (and even then, very rarely).

I'm fascinated by this story, and will be following it with you.
Oh how this story captures our attention in America. Such sad memories of Lady Di as we watched her young sons at her funeral. I too pray that Kate's life with William will be much different. Thanks for your views. I enjoyed reading it.
Interesting commentary. You have a very readable style.
You're right the engagement has been in the news and all the tabloid shows. I hadn't heard the part about the play that is a cute interesting tidbit.