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Nice to read about such a loving family!

I felt that some of the dialogue and the situations (lunch with all 4 parents, every day?) were somewhat unrealistic. Also, you really should avoid using the same characters (the parents, in this case) from week to week--the judges may start to recognize your work, making it no longer anonymous.

This had a joyous feeling, quite refreshing from the cynical mood we often have about the media.
Delightful read.

I found some of the dialogue a bit stilted. Try reading it aloud and see what you can do to make it sound more natural.

Enjoyed this.
The title fits the article well. The information about behind scene jobs is interesting. I feel the coziness between the in-laws was a bit unrealistic. thanks for writing.
You did a nice job of remembering all the people behind the scenes. It takes so much more than the average person realizes to get the news out.