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I love this... I collect versions of Goldilocks stories. I loved Noti as a name... cute
Cute little story. This must have been fun to write - I love the lesson at the end.
Needs some work to make this fairytale, a fairytale. The scripture was well placed though.
Cute little retake, It needs to flow just a bit better,but definitely easily done. Loved the scripture.
I so enjoyed this sweet take on the Goldilocks story. The "Noti" twist was clever and funny.

My youngest daughter is often called names and I can't wait to read it to her, with the beautiful message that God has given her a special name! Thank you.
Poor little bear! I wanted to give him a hug. You found a very creative way for little bear to find out his name. I wasn't expecting that.

LOL growling goldilocks, who would have thunk it :-)
Fresh, fun and on topic. it is easy to see you're creative. Not many entries would delight a child as this one will.
I love fresh looks at stories that are ingrained in us. Very cute and playful, with a sweet message. Nicely done.

Very clever, indeed. And all done within the 750 word limit. It reminds me of the Greek fable where Cyclops asks the name of the one who blinded him, he was told that no one did it to him. Consequently when Cyclops was asked who blinded him, he answered, "No One did this to me.
I felt so sorry for the little bear, and I was very glad he had a happy ending! Very clever take on a familiar tale!
A very interesting and lighthearted read. Enjoyed it thoroughly!
So cute! I could see this as an illustrated child's story!
I love this--could just see myself holding a child in my lap to read it to. A whole series like this would be great.
This was super cute and creative! I loved little Noti!
An adorable twist on an age-old fairytale! :) Very creative how the bear found his name. That made me giggle. :D I like how you weaved the Isaiah verse in there. I agree with some of the others, this would be perfect for an illistrated Christian storybook.
There you go, the judges liked it after all! Well done.
Wow, this is such a cute story. Very well written:)
This is a very creative and I love the way you called the little bear Noti. Lol!
Congrats Shann, I thought this would do well!
I agree, a series of children's stories, with biblical references is a great idea. This one is a great start. Congratulations of being highly commended!
A great children's story. I'm going to share it with my grandchildren. You did a fantastic job of creating empathy for Noti and then showing how God cares. I'm sure any child reading this would feel God's special love for them.
When you have this as an illustrated children's book, I definitely want an autographed copy. This is so delightfully clever!