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This is a beautiful story. There's alot of power in your expression.
I like your writing style. It is descriptive without being cumbersome. Encouraging message too. Very easy to relate to. Well done!
You're story was a blessing. Sometimes God has to take all the traping away so we can see the real Christmas star.
Great story! I kept thinking of the time my friends tied two pine branches together as their Christmas tree. It took up an entire wall of their living room because it was so spread out. But it was so thin that you coudl see right through it.

Loved it!
Your story reads very well. It is very descriptive. I could feel the children's frustration and struggle as well as the mother's. Great story, well written.
There is one line here that tagged me immediately even though it was not meant to be a tie in for the "inside story". I thought about the person at church who thought that would help! It reminded me how we forget that if we are to give to those less fortunate, it should represent the best as how else do we show how important their lives are to us? I know how Christmas with limited funds often turn out to be the ones we remember. Yet, still the thought that hit me the most was remember how to give as christians. I liked the fact it made me think.
This was a great story of childhood innocence and painful truth. It brought back memories of my childhood, remembering a Christmas tree that was cut in half to share with someone else. We got the bottom half. We still talk about our Christmas shrub and the angel that had to lie down because there was not center branch for her to stand on.

Your story was simply written and because of its simplicity it touched the heart. Wonderfully written.
Catchy title, too.
Angela, Congratulations on such a fantastic start at FaithWriters. Quite an achievement to not only place 3rd in the Level 2 Challenge, but also, place 4th in the Editors' Choice. Even though you've only been here a very short time, it's time for you to jump up to Level 3. You are definitely ready for it. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)

I enjoyed your story, with its realistic, earthy flavor. Praise God for bitter circumstances that bear such sweet fruit in our lives! Welcome to FaithWriters, and congratulations on winning with your first entry!