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That's a good word and well written. Thank you.
"...until we acknowledge we have fallen." So true. Yes, we all need a Savior every hour of our lives. Very encouraging post.
You're right. It's not about if or when we fall. It's about getting up again and moving forward. Good job.
This was a well-thought out piece from beginning to end, especially for a beginner. It is a worthwhile admonition - worth perfecting.
Watch out for sentences that can be read as saying the opposite of what you mean. I tripped over these two: Not failing is our most grievous sin?? Really??
'We can never believe the lie that we are above being rescued. . .' Can't we?? A lot of people DO believe that lie. I know what you meant, but the reader shouldn't have to re-read the sentence. You made a great start and these are easy fixes.
This is a powerful sermon. I could hear you speaking directly to my heart. I thoroughly enjoyed your fresh take on the topic. Congratulations on ranking 1st in your level and 12th overall. The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.
Inspiring and well written!