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I was into this story from the very first paragraph to the very last. Great job!

God bless~
You obviously have excellent writing skills. Your opening sentence was a great hook. I definitely wanted to read more. Your piece flowed well with great detail and excellent word usage.

Opinion: I would eliminate the first set of quote marks because you're presenting an idea, and it's not necessary to put that idea in quotes.

Although the placement of the adverb " mentally" is acceptable as is, "a mental note of it" sounds less awkward. I'm not sure if you intentionally meant to use this sentence fragment - "Or any of you," for effect, but as a general rule, it would be written as, "Not to worry, Max, or any of you."

Your story brought me right into the middle of the middle, and you concluded well. I see you moving up the level ladder very quickly.
Sorry.:-)..."middle of the meeting..."
This is a good teaching article. Many churches today only try to "modernise" instead of se the direction God has envisioned for them.

Take all of us along with you.

There was an easy flow of thought and easy to read.
What an engaging story! Your opening hook was brilliant and your story was super interesting. You're not going to be in Level 1 much longer.

One thought I have is that when you compare the church to the Rotary or country club, I'd ask you to choose just one. The "or" weakened the idea to me.

Seriously, wonderful job. I enjoyed this so much.
Great story! The conflict at the beginning had me hooked. This scenario is so common today and your knowledge and application is very convincing.
Congratulations on ranking 8th in your level. The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.