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Oh, you really got me; where's the Kleenex! Nice job.
This is a beautiful story. It goes to show that all of that work and back-breaking bending is so worth it. How easy it would have been to rush through that job. Every gift we are given is important.

I'd love to have you polish this up some (for example you first said face paint instead if painting, you also repeat some key words in the same paragraph, and the phrase:gathered my wits somewhat from what was a stumbling block for me.)

Those are minor details but this would be a perfect children's piece or even as an encouragement to others who do street ministry. I hope many will read this and be encouraged by your delightful story.
I enjoyed your story! I loved how you pointed out how the children sat in silence because I've done face painting too and know exactly what you mean. Nice job using astonishment as the topic, because this was a wonderful surprise! What a priviledge to be able to pray for this woman and her daughter. Very well written!
Yes, you caught me at that astonishing moment when that little girl responded -- and at that moment, tears sprung to my eyes, instantly!

Beautiful story - well written, and especially touching. This touched me. Thank you. God Bless you~
I absolutely loved this story. (In spite of the fact it convicted me)

It made me wonder how many times I had missed an opportunity because I was bored, or tired or whatever...

Very good story, well written and thought-provoking!
I like how you showed the honesty of a young girl really wanting a relationship with Jesus. I wonder where she heard about Him. Those days are the real joy of our Christianity.
Well told, good beginning and ending.
Congratulations! God Bless~
Congratulations for ranking 3rd in level one and 19th overall!