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Nicely done. You had me anticipating Mom's response and surprised me. Sweet ending.
This is funny and such a great example of how life really works. I knew the poor man was in trouble right away. I'm sure there are many men who can empathize.

Tiny red ink- you set an object but a person sat. I know you really meant you set the daughter's car seat (or something) and it is a tiny thing but just wanted to mention it.

I like how you approached the topic and you managed to elicit empathy from me for a man, a rare occurrence! :)
a rather sad story.... and yes i feel sorry for the poor "dad" who tried so hard to please. the title is clever and the way it is told is also very engaging
Aww this was a sweet story...I liked this...nice job, and I felt for both MC's! God Bless~
Oh my, I don't know whether to feel more sorry for the dad or the mom :(

I can so relate to this story. My husband has tried to do things for me that didn't turn out to putting BLEACH in the washing machine with dark towels! He did try to help though...poor silly thing.

I liked this story very much!