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Great story, well written and very entertaining.
This is the 3rd article where I have learned a new word and am pleasantly amused :)
And lastly...excellent job with the topic!
Oh my goodness....don't know how I did this, but this first comment is for the previous article and haven't yet read your article. I so apologize. Will read it now and be back :)
Okay...I'm back and want to say that this story not only kept me engaged, but touched every fiber of every motherly heart-string I have!

I was pleasantly surprised when you identified Molly's husband as Robert E Lee...very creative

I really liked how you stayed on topic using a reality that touches or should touch, every single American. Good Job!
Wow, what a beautiful and patriotic story! I love the surprise with which we discover that the "Robert" refered to is actually General Robert E. Lee.
I can feel the tension and humility welling inside him as he signs the surrender which will stop bloodshed and send him and other soldiers home to their families.

You used good descriptions as well. I like the comparison of the red fabric reminding him of his wife's cheek.

You might put his words as he signs the document in italics or quotations. That way it won't blend in with the main narrative so much. Other than that, great entry! Keep up the good work.
I agree with the little girl, Why are Daddies hurting each other. Well done.
Your writing definitely takes us back to a previous era...good job.
Very strong and vivid writing, bringing history alive in a fresh way. I did have some difficulty with the first paragraph, couldn't tell whose point of view it was. Didn't really become clear until the end, but then I understood. Very interesting piece, well done!
You write with a great deal of passion and depth. So much, in fact, I think this (as well done as it is) would have been even more powerful if written in poetic form. That, however, is just my opinion, and I think you've done a great job just as it stands now.
Very good entry, give us more like this.
Super title for your entry. Your writing stirs deep emotion and patriotism. You are very talented!
Your writing on this was excellent. I hope we see more of your work in the challenges.