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Your writing is moody and introspective--that's a good thing!

I had a hard time finding the topic of "Eek" in here, and there were perhaps too many commas...

...but your writing is good, and I enjoyed this entry.
A good testimony. Eureka will do it for me, but probably not the real meaning of Eek!
I like your intensity and honesty as you take us through your discoveries. I was also not clear on the Eek factor, since the tone is more reflective than surprised, but congratulations on opening your heart to us.
Nice reflection, but I didn't see the assigned word used in this story.


Otherwise, it was pretty good.
It is obvious that you wrote about what you perhaps thought was an "eeky" experience, and you DID use the sound in the word "Eureka."
I felt your "eek". You have a way with words for sure. Some sentences were beautifully written and some were too deep and complex for me to "get" with one pass. An interesting piece.
You sure did a good job, exercising MY mind. I too had to take a second sweep at many sentences in order to understand what you were saying, HOWEVER, once I did understand, I too, have felt almost all of what you've written which I found to be refreshing. You put feelings I have felt, into words I never had :)
This is a great description of your lessons learned in life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.
What I enjoyed in your entry was your use of Biblical phrases and allusion to Biblical events, "Everything under the sun" and "Paul's blinding experience," then your argument about "superiority" so much mirrored Paul's. Very good work on this!