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Dare I say it? This is Master's level writing. From reader-grabbing opening to tear-jerking closing, this is on target for the topic and as perfect a story-package as anyone could hope for. If this doesn't bump you up a level, I think I'll have to eat my shirt :) Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! What a gift, indeed!
Wonderful, heartwarming! I was sitting on the edge of my seat and praying the whole time. My grandson is three, I know what a little blessing your miracle boy is to you. I hope this places! Constance
Wonderful story, well told. Good thing God doesn't read the books, either! Great job.
This brought tears to my eyes, laughter to my lips and then the tears started again. Awesome job! An emotional read - well done.
Beautiful story, and well written as well! My mom was also a premie, and was going blind when she was sent home from the hospital. She's also a miracle baby and had perfect sight on her next check up! Thank you for sharing the gift of your son with us.
Wow - this is AMAZINGLY well-crafted - and what an incredible story!!!! I don't think I blinked. Wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL!
Brought tears to my eyes too. Well written, and a very heartwarming story. Praise God for the miracle that is your Ben.
This ia a great story. A very moving piece of writing. "From morning to night, I couldn't stop hoping..." We were hoping and praying right along with you and now rejoicing as well. Very well done.
I loved reading Ben's story. You wrote this quite well, especially considering you've posted in Beginners. When the time is right, I'm sure you'll fit right in with the higher levels here. :) Thanks for sharing your little boy with us.
Powerful writing. This is awesome. I'm still wiping tears of joy from my eyes. Beautiful.
Dare I say, " I told you so," yet? This is a beautiful story, a gift to your readers. I have high hopes for this one, dear friend. Have fun on your climb to the top.
What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing Ben's life with us.
A beautiful story! I need a tissue, I rejoice in the triumph of Ben's first steps on his tip toes. How precious!!
Just proves yet again that Dr's don't know everything! Wonderful story telling.
I read your (Ben's) story out loud to my husband. Big mistake! I couldn't get all the way through without choking up!

Beautifully written, striking right to the heart and soul of every mother who has had occasion to ask God angrily, "Why my baby?", you have touched many hearts.
Wonderful writing. My precious godson faced a similar challenge and now he too runs! Thanks for sharing.
Wonderful. I thank God for your wonderful miracle gift. You did a very good job of expressing the images and your heart. keep writing
Ann, awesome job! Highly go girl!

May the Lord continue to guide your quill as you write to glorify HIM!
My precious friend, Ann! Your name is up in lights and I am so delighted for you. Great job, judges! Thanks so much for spotting this story. It is such a work of art, I hope "The Greatest Gift" gets out in the world for all to read.
So relieved that I don't have to start a cyber picket line! ROFL! I'm so thrilled that you're reaping the rewards of such a beautiful story. Bless you my friend.
I just happened upon past challenges and saw this and had to reply. Though this was written alot earlier I have to say how beautiful you write hon. You are truly meant to bless others through your writing. I loved everythings about this from the emotion, to the flow, the description and how you capture your readers attention til the very end. Way to go!!!:0)
Thank God for miracles! How amazing our Lord is, isn't He. Praise God He answered your prayer. Enjoy your little ones and keep on writing for the kingdom hon.:)