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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Stephen Monday
Website: www.ourchurch.com/member/b/beaconoftruth/
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Articles written: 176

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I am a minister, whom through the holy spirit, writes sermons,articles of faith prayers for healings, Christian short stories, Christian poetry, gospel songs, and inspirational insights into scriptures. I have been writing most of my life. I play lead guitar and have been playing for over 35 years. The LORD has allowed me to have two of my gospel songs, that I put on c.d. to be released world-wide on shortwave radio, WWRB 5.050 as of a few months ago. The songs are named "Where Would You Stand Before Jesus" and " Step Forward Now"
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
05/21/08 See New Website The LORD is sending 20,000 a Month To 677 For Sale
05/02/07 Prayer For All Nations 569 Free to Share
05/01/07 INTO HIS REST CD FINISHED 1104 For Sale
04/27/07 The Dawning Of His LIGHT 840 Free to Share
12/06/06 There Was Silence In Heaven 561 Free to Share
11/23/06 On Bended Knees 702 Free to Share
11/22/06 The Treasure Of Gods Throneroom 854 Free to Share
11/19/06 No Tribulation, for THE REDEEMED 649 Free to Share
11/18/06 An Open Letter To The LORD 703 Free to Share
11/17/06 UNDER HIS FEET 681 Free to Share
11/17/06 Stir The Gift 632 Free to Share
11/17/06 The Seven Spirits 680 Free to Share
11/17/06 On The Throne Of David 639 Free to Share
11/16/06 What Seest Thou 692 Free to Share
10/31/06 The Annointing 582 Free to Share
10/21/06 The Holy Angels Reap 724 Free to Share
10/02/06 SOWING AND REAPING' 1880 Free to Share
07/17/06 HOLY SACRIFICE unto the LORD 762 For Sale
07/03/06 IT COULD HAVE HAPPENED 760 For Sale
05/06/06 WORDS ARE SPIRIT 551 Free to Share
03/30/06 The SPIRIT and WORD are as one 588 Free to Share
01/28/06 Censor your DAILY INTAKE 674 Free to Share
01/05/06 Restoring GODS CHURCH 766 Free to Share
01/03/06 TO TAKE OFFENCE IS EVIL 932 Free to Share
12/15/05 IS YOUR LEARNING CURSED 615 Free to Share
11/13/05 HOLY SPIRIT FIRE IS SENT 682 Free to Share
11/08/05 WHAT MAKES GODS SPIRIT MOVE 823 Free to Share
10/29/05 Prayer at School yes 1223 Free to Share
10/22/05 Holy Spirit EXPOSES Sin Man 1136 Free to Share
10/17/05 NEVER ACT on what YOU THINK IS RIGHT 978 For Sale
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10/09/04 " Tears "
01/20/04 Design
12/29/03 Resolutions
12/25/03 " In Service To HIM"

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06/15/05 " Our Teacher, HAS RULES ! "
06/11/05 Be Doers Of The Word
06/10/05 Trusting GOD/ GODS WORD
06/10/05 ' WORDS ARE SPIRIT " !!
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06/05/05 The LOGIC Of Gods Word!

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