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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!






It's easy to critique the works of others and get your work critiqued. Just follow the steps below:

1) Post your first piece.

2) You must then critique the work of another member to post another piece yourself.

3) For each critique you give, you earn 1 credit that can be used to post another one of your writings.

4) You can build up credits to be used at another time by giving critiques to others.

"I have a few, very few, trusted friends who will edit me with a scowl. Most people want you to feel good so they give you compliments about your writing, and these donít help at all (except emotionally). Really, you need some grouches to edit your work." Philip Yancey in a FaithWriters interview.


This area is for upgraded members who are willing to provide one decent critique to receive two and possibly three critiques per piece they submit. Silver members can only offer critiques and build up credits to be used after they upgrade. Silver members cannot submit a piece to be critiqued in this area. You can ask for critiques in regular article submissions.

We can offer you two to three critiques for each one you complete because we have paid editors who regularly review the circle and provide critiques. They are instructed to offer critiques on pieces with less then two critiques. Editor critiques are in addition to critiques you might receive from members like yourself. For those short on time and unable to do any critiques, they can be purchased below for a very reasonable cost.

The circle was never designed to post multiple chapters of a manuscript for editing purposes. This should be done by one qualified editor. This circle provide critiques and not editing. If you post multiple chapters of the same manuscript, be prepared for fewer critiques. From experience we know that members will not continue to critique the same writer over and over again. Our paid editors will not critique chapter after chapter in the circle. They are instructed to spread their more in-depth critiques around to all members who submit.

Submissions are limited to 1,000 words or less and to a maximum of four submissions per month per member. We encourage members to submit one or two articles, wait for feedback and incorporate that feedback into their next submissions. Take the feedback from those and do it again. This allows you to take one step at a time in the right direction. Submitting more at once will lead to fewer critiques and confusing messages for the submitter.

Honest, helpful critiques can hurt. They are not for the faint of heart. We understand that your writing is an extension of who you are as a person. However, if you really want to improve your writing, you need to learn to separate yourself from it. You cannot take critiques personally and survive. The best writers are able to step away from their writing and let others provide them an objective look. This can be difficult but it is a must. This is the best place to take a risk among other Christian writers who want to grow. If you absolutely do not agree with a critique, have the piece critiqued by another party and see what they say.

We ask you to critique with the sincere desire to help your fellow writer. Do it kindly and with love but do not be afraid to be honest. Take time to review the guidelines and tips at the links on the left.

When you post an article expect to hear things that you do not like. If your writing was perfect you would not be submitting it for critique. Even the best writers still get beat up a bit but today they see its value.

We ask you to always keep in mind that giving more than what you want to receive is the best policy when it comes to most things and critiques are no different. Many members want and need critiques, not just me or you. If you give them you will get them in return. If people receive just one or two line comments they feel cheated just like you would. Especially if they have taken the time to provide good critiques themselves. As Christians we are called to help one another and even go the extra mile for our enemies (Matt 5:41). Don't your brothers and sisters in Christ deserve at least the same kind treatment? You can learn a lot about your own writing by learning how to critique and then practicing. Read our Critique Guidelines and Tips to the left.

While we do have FaithWriters member editors who regularly visit this page and offer critiques, this area only works if each person who wants a critique steps up and gives others decent critiques. We are only asking that you give one real critique for every one you want. We encourage you to do more. Help us help you by doing exactly what your conscience tells you to do in this area.

If you are a new writer and still have much to learn, we encourage you to complete our writing courses before submitting for critiques. We do have moderators in this area and if they see submissions that are filled with errors, you will be asked to remove your critique request. You will then be directed to the resouces we provide for self study before submitting again.

We also understand that many of you are very busy. If you do not have the time to provide a decent critique to earn a free one, this area is not for you. We have several members who will provide excellent critiques for $3.00 per page. If you have many pages I am sure they will work out a volume discount for you. Email us a request for our list of members who are available for hire by clicking here - Get A Critique

Give a Critique - Select a Genre

Please be sure to critique the works of every member. If you see a piece with "0" critiques, please critique it.

A Note About Critiques

One of the things I really like about the Critique Circle is the fact that in order to receive a critique, you must be willing to give one. Helping others has always given me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. It feels nice to know my actions can help someone else have a good day. The Circle requires one to give in order to receive. Some people may shy away from leaving constructive critiques because they may not feel qualified. But even if you are new to the writing world, there is a good chance that you've been reading since you were just a tot. Knowing what you like or don't like is a big part of leaving a critique. If you find yourself stumbling over a sentence there is a good chance that the sentence needs to be restructured. When giving a critique instead of just saying your sentence needs restructuring, I find an example and then show them one or two ways I would write the sentence so it flows without the reader needing to stop and reread a section.

I've learned as much, if not more, about writing by paying attention to what I like or don't like in other articles. One of the reason I try to comment on every challenge entry is because I learn so much from reading and leaving feedback. For a critique to be considered constructive, it's important that the author trusts you. If you gush over everything you read, it can be difficult to believe if you love my story because I just so your comment on a different story that was filled with errors and didn't make sense. One of the things I do is start with a prayer asking God to guide my words and to be gentle yet kind. Then I try to start the critique with something positive. No matter how poorly written an article is, if you ask God to guide you then you will always find positive things to say. Next, I'll point out specific typos or errors and show them the corrected version. If I'm giving my opinion with something like show, don't tell, then I'll pick a line from their story and try to find examples that would be more of a descriptive picture than an accounting of events. Finally, I always try to end the critique with positive comments.

I do tell people who want more feedback on their stories that one of the best ways to get comments is to give them. Most weeks that I enter the challenge, I will receive lines of gold boxes. I believe that is because people are repaying the favor and leaving me comments because I'm faithful in leaving them comments.

Shann Hall is a FaithWriters moderator and long time member. She is one of the most helpful people we have on the site. Please be nice to her and the other moderators who help critique. It is not an easy job and the pay is lousy. They do this out of the kindness of their heart in a sincere effort to help writers.


Effective 8-27-15 submissions are now limited to 1,000 words or less and to a maximum of four submissions per month per member. See message to left for information.


REMEMBER, this is a Critique Circle. Please try to give a critique to receive a critique. If you do not want to give any critiques, you can use the REGULAR ARTICLE SUBMISSION area. If you are unsure about how to critique, please use the CRITIQUE GUIDELINES and CRITIQUE TIPS.


To view your critiques that you receive on any writing, login to your account and click "CRITIQUE CIRCLE MANAGEMENT" to view all of your critiques and edit each piece. Then, click "VIEW CRITIQUES" next to the article title to view critiques on that piece. Comments on all of your writings when using the Critique Circle will not be displayed publicly as regular and writing challenge articles. They can only be viewed by accessing them from your account.