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TITLE: Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 5)
By Jacob Gibson

Now we're getting back to the action! The story doesn't end here but I think I'll make this the last part I put up here. I'm guessing that no one is leaving comments because they know it's a vg fan fic and think it will stink or they won't understand it. Oh well. Maybe some day someone will read it. Thanks and enjoy.
Ep. 5: Sorry, Yoshi, But the Tribe has Spoken (part II)

Back at Koopa’s castle the previous day, everyone was in a panic trying to get ready for the next attack. They had heard about what Yoshi did when the drivers bailed their diggers and never responded to their calls. The machines didn’t have cameras on them (just metal detectors) so the Koopas couldn’t see the thing that did this. But the other day when they heard the words “NO! THERE’S A HUGE DINOSAUR CREATURE RUNNING UP BEHIND ME! SOMEBODY HEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!” not one soldier could stand without their knees shaking.

“Huge d-d-d-dinosaur creature?” asked a buzzy beetle. “No… it can’t be him. I thought… he died or something!”

“Yoshigefumi did die. I think his ghost has returned and he’s going to eat every one of us!” yelled a hammer bro.

Almost everyone ran around screaming until the king could shut them up. “Shut them up! I mean… shut up all of you! It’s not a ghost, okay. I don’t know what’s happening on Yoshi’s Island but did you ever think that maybe they just built a machine that looks like him?”

“But the Yoshies don’t build machines! Not like that anyway!” said a para-goomba.

“And how did they know we would come back?” asked another.

“I don’t know, okay?” yelled Koopa while covering his ears with his hands. “But I do know how we can find out. Tonight we can send a lakitu over to fly over there and take a good look at him and tell us what he finds out. Who wants to volunteer?” He looked at all the lakitus in the room and all of them suddenly broke eye contact.

“Oh come on! What are you all afraid of? They can’t shoot you out of the sky with their eggs if they’re all asleep. All you all just a bunch of chickens?”

One lakitu looked up and said, “I would rather be a chicken than a chicken sandwhich anyday!”

“Ah! Lobbster! Do you volunteer to go?” (The Lakitu’s name wasn’t really Lobbster but they called him that because he was so good at lobbing things)

“Uh… I…uh… buhda-buhda-buhda-buh…” he looked at the other trembling soldiers and then said, “Well… yeah! Uh… no sweat.”

So that night (which was last night) Lobbster flew over to Yoshi’s Island in his cloud and saw Yoshi sleeping on the shore. The second he saw him he wanted to scream out loud but kept his mouth closed and carefully examined him for a few seconds. Then he flew back as fast he could to Koopa’s castle.

“Well?” asked Koopa. Everyone waited eagerly to hear his answer.

“I don’t think it’s Yoshigefumi… but it IS a humongous Yoshi monster!!”

More screaming came and then a lot of discussion. “Who could it be?” “Do you think it’s his son or something?” “No, it couldn’t be his son! Maybe he got reincarnated… as himself.”

Koopa shouted, “Quiet!! I don’t care who he is and where he came from. All I know is that we can’t get any work done on the island as long as that terror-asaurus is waiting for us to come so he can mash our machines. So we’re going to blow him away with our new weapon like he was never even there and keep searching for the treasure. Joe, when will that be ready?”

“Uh, well, uh... I think by tomorrow afternoon at the latest.”

Koopa laughed. “Perfect! Tomorrow night we’re going to have a test run slash ambush and see how fast we can make our ‘huge dinosaur monster’ friend go extinct. I’m sure it will be a blast! BOOM! Bwahahaha!!”

- Y- O - S - H - I -

Yoshi sat alone in a quiet, shady place in the jungle and continued to think about how his life couldn’t get any worse. It looked as if there was no signs of hope in the future and just one bad thing after another hit him in the face. Everyone wants to get rid of me. That’s great. I’m so happy to be stuck on an island with a bunch of unthankful, selfish, stupid slobs that don’t care how I feel or what happens to me. If only something terrible could happen to them so…

“Yoshi?” said a purple dinosaur. It was Joshua, another good friend of his. “Is that you, man?”

“Huh?! I didn’t just… oh, hey. Yeah, it’s me.”

“Wow! You changed a lot since yesterday! How are you doing, man? We miss ya at school and stuff.”

“Oh thanks, I miss you guys too. I’m doing okay. Except that… it sounds like everyone on the island wants to get rid of me!”

Josh looked a little nervous after he said that. “What? Really? Everyone? Why?”

“Well, maybe not everyone,” said Yoshi slowly. “But it seems like a lot of them do. Me and my parents talked to Miyamoshi and he said that they were going to hold a voting soon to see if I should leave or not. Just because ‘oh no! He’s too big and he’s a huge threat to us all! He’ll eat all our food and we’ll starve! Baaaaahhhhhh!’”

“Oh brother. I am so sorry. I definitely wouldn’t vote for you to leave, or even want you to leave for that matter. Maybe we could—“

“Leave the island?!” someone interrupted. “Now who said that?!” Yoshi and Josh looked over and saw a light blue Yoshi run towards them.

“Hey, Boshi,” muttered Yoshi. “I don’t know who wants to get rid of me. Just a bunch of… misguided people or something.”

“Misguided? More like mellon-brained! You would think they could read the newspapers and hear about what you did the other day to those clanky beasts. Total carnage, dude!”

“Yeah, you’d think.”

“Well, how about this, Yoshe?” said Boshi with a smile. “If you want I’ll do something for ya. As soon as the voting starts, me and the gang can go around the island and deliver the ballots to everyone. If they say you can stay then we smile and and walk away. If they say you can’t… pow! Right in the chops! Ah ha ha!”

Yoshi laughed a little but Josh rolled his eyes. “I hope that’s only a joke, Boshi,” said Josh.

“Yeah it’s a joke, moron. Even the Boshi gang wouldn’t stoop that low. Besides, I can’t hit my own father! Ha ha ha!” The other two rolled their eyes and Boshi continued. “But you know people should already be terrified of me from what I did at the championship game. That rolly goalie really got a mouthfull! Hoo hoo!”

“Boshi,” said Yoshi, “That was terrible. Do you know how much you hurt the poor guy by doing that? And your team won the game just because of that stupid... cheap… little… move!”

“Grow up, Yoshe. If you had done the same thing to our team I don’t think you would gripe about it one bit. And, no I wasn’t trying to kick the ball into his mouth but still… you have to admit that’s just hilarious. Shwoop. Gulp. Plomp. Crash! Ha ha!”

“Yeah, I can tell you’re really sorry about that,” Yoshi said sarcastically. “Your team really deserved to win that trophy and the judges really didn’t make a horrible call that—“

Josh gave a loud sigh and said, “Uh… can we not fight about this again?”

“Fine,” said Yoshi. “Wouldn’t accomplish anything anyway. Hey, wait… have you guys seen Victoshia around at school or elsewhere? Has she said anything about me? I haven’t seen her forever and it’s just killing me.”

“Uh…” said Josh. “She’s been at school, yeah. I… don’t know what she’s said so far, sorry. But… I’m sure you’ll see her at the dance tomorrow night!”

“Oh that’s right! Wow, I completely forgot! Life is too crazy lately. I can’t wait to see her again and be with her like before.”

Boshi grinned and said, “If I were her, I would be ‘like totally stoked that my boyfriend is now this huge… powerful… hunk of dinosaur that no one even can touch… but me… oh, Yoshi… oh…’”

Yoshi blushed and said, “Oh knock it off! You’re just weird.”

“’Oh, Yoshi… my big juicy orange strawberry that I just can’t get enough of!’ Mwah mwah mwah!”

“Gaaaaaaahhh!!!! That’s enough!!!” Boshi and Joshua fell over laughing.

From then on Yoshi felt better again and forgot about his problems for the time. Being with his friends and thinking about seeing Victoshia again made everything seem brighter. It was great to have friends that still like you despite how you look. If only everyone could trust him and see that he was still the same person he was before on the inside.

At night Yoshi got ready for sleep again and went through most of the same things he did at the start of the episode. But this time he had a lot more trouble trying to fall asleep. He worried about if he would have to leave his home and paradise soon forever and never come back. He worried that life would never be the same for him and he would feel depressed forever. And he worried that he would grow again the next day and change colors again. However, these worries didn’t compare to the one he had coming in just a few hours. Which was right about…

- Y – O – S – H – I -

“Everyone ready for this?!” asked Koopa with his hand hovering over a large button and wearing a party cap on his head.

“Yeah!” shouted the other party animals as they closely watched him and a big clock on the wall.

“Okay then! Here it comes! Five… four… three… two… one… Reznor Bot, go get him!” he mashed the button down and an alarm sounded in the room. It was coming for him. Right now.

- Y – O – S – H – I -

After a long time of rolling around and trying to get comfortable, Yoshi relaxed and fell asleep in the dark, peaceful night. Perfect quiet surrounded him except for the little creatures of the night and their soothing music. Chirping, buzzing, croaking, swimming, stomping, screaming… uh… stomping and screaming?

Yoshi woke up immediately and leapt to his feet with his heart pounding. What was that? Who was screaming? What was so big and noisy that was walking around outside? Oh wait… now it’s running! Who is it looking for? Is this just a bad dream?! Oh no, this is real. Something here wants to kill me! What to do?!

He quickly pushed the thoughts aside and concentrated on what to do. “Maybe that thing isn’t here to kill me, but it still might hurt someone even if it’s not attacking me. I can’t be afraid now… I need to check it out right now and just destroy it if I have to! I… I…” he turned around and saw the trees behind him in the distance rustling and what sounded like something huge jumping through the jungle. Then it came closer and closer until it finally stood face to face with Yoshi a few yards ahead.

He looked at this odd thing and examined it in the moonlight. The thing was a huge black robot that stood slightly taller than Yoshi. It had a skinny rectangular-ish body with square “muscles,” a long spiked tail, cylinder legs of jointed metal pillars, arms made of tubes, and a brown metal head shaped like the head of a Reznor connected by a tube (Reznor is a dinosaur boss from Super Mario World). The robot stood still and looked at Yoshi for a few seconds Yoshi to analyze him.

“Scanning subject. Dinosaur monster identified. Starting program Objective Eliminate Yoshi Monster. Beginning battle mode… now!”

“Eliminate me? Heh heh. You can prepare to fail that objective, you annoying freak! Hyah!”

{Super Mario World “Boss Fight” remix}

Yoshi charged at Reznor with his mouth open and ready to bite his neck since it looked like the weakest part of him. Reznor opened his mouth and an orange glow emanated out of it. Yoshi didn’t stop to think what it planned to do until it was too late. A giant orange fireball launched out of its mouth and hit him in the face and knocked him to the ground.

“Aaaaahhhhh! Ouch! Ouch! Hot!” Yoshi decided that he probably shouldn’t have tried that move and done something else. Just watch out for that fire, that’s all. So he jumped up and ran at it again, dodged the fireball, and then got punched in the gut by it’s metal fist and went back down.

Oh man, this is stupid. How do I fight this thing? Oh wait… Jikonodo’s training! Duh! What did he tell me again? Before Yoshi could think of it, Reznor jumped towards him and Yoshi rolled away just in time. Dude, it’s really fast! Oh wait… Jikondo said I might need to let my enemy make the first move before I attack so I can have a chance to hit him during that time. Well, I failed that part. But he also said I should try to understand my enemy and how he fights and what he uses to attack me so I can prepare. Fire, punching, and jumping. Very fast. Got it.

Yoshi let Reznor make the next move so he could learn more about his attacks and just worked on dodging for the mean time. But Reznor didn’t do anything but rush at him, cough out fireballs, punch, kick, and throw his tail around. Yoshi dodged most of the attacks and then when he felt like he knew enough, took his chance. When Reznor whirled around to try and hit him with his tail Yoshi jumped over his tail and towards his back, and then kicked him into the ground. Then he quickly jumped on his back and did a ground pound. Reznor made a weird shout and then got back up.

Next, Reznor backed away from Yoshi and raised his left arm in the air and made a fist. Suddenly Yoshi noticed how strange the arm appeared with several orbs sticking out of it like beads on a necklace. But then it looked even stranger when the orbs and his fist lit on fire! Reznor ran at Yoshi again and vertically rotated his arm toward him like a firebar from Super Mario Bros but much faster. Yoshi couldn’t get close to him now for a long time and was beginning to feel a little run down from the fight. But he kept searching for an opportunity and then got one in an unexpected way.

Reznor lifted it’s right arm and pointed it towards Yoshi. The palm of his hand opened up to expose the tube and then… kablam! The next things he saw was a huge Banzi Bill coming out straight at him. He didn’t know what was going to happen and the bullet hit him in the chest and hurt Yoshi a lot. But when he did it again and two more Banzi Bills flew at him he jumped away. Then Reznor returned to just swinging his fire arm around and shooting fireballs for awhile.

That’s odd, thought Yoshi. Why did it only shoot three of those things at me and stop? Wait a second… I think I just missed a huge opportunity there! Rats. I hope it does that again! Sure enough, it soon repeated the process and fired the bullets again. This time Yoshi stayed in it’s path and waited for it to come close. Then he shot out his tongue (yep, he still has his long tongue!) and swallowed it to lay an egg. He ate the other bullets too so he now had three eggs to use against him!

Yes! That thing has no brains at all! How can I throw the eggs at him though? I can’t use my hands and still not that good with my tail. No hands? Oh… Yoshi Ball! I’ll do that! So as soon as Reznor swung his arm around again and when the arm was moving away, he got ready to try his special move and this time do it right. Just like in the soccer game, Yoshi scooped up an egg with his foot and kicked it into the air. Then he jumped up to it and kicked it towards Reznor and nailed him in the face. The other two eggs found their target too and Reznor fell to the ground, leaving another chance for Yoshi to pound him again. This time it seemed to do the trick and the machine stopped moving. For now.

By this time, a few Yoshies were at the scene and watching while many more were running to see what the commotion was about. Now that it was on the ground and now several Yoshies ran up to get a better look.

“Woah, another monster! And this one looks like a dinosaur and has fire in it’s body! You did it again, Yoshi.”

“Thank you, Yoshi, for killing that thing! We appreciate your protection.”

“What’s going on?” said a familiar voice. “Something huge just ruined my sleep! Yowza! Is that the thing?”

“Mayor Miyamoshi!” said a Yoshi. “There’s no problem here anymore. Yoshi finished off another one!”

“Huh?” asked Yoshi. “What are you all doing here? It’s not safe. It might get up again soon.” Then he quickly but quietly crept towards the head and tried to bite the neck again. Right before he did however, another familiar voice shouted out, “No, Yoshi!! Don’t!!” and at the exact same time Reznor kicked him away and jumped back up.

“Never put yourself in that position! That’s never a good idea. Keep your distance and then finish them off when you know they’re worn down,” said the stranger.

“Jikondo? Is that you?” Yoshi saw Reznor charge at him again with his head lowered and moved away. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have taken that risk. But your other training did help me a lot before now.”

“Glad to hear that. Just remember that one thing like that can seal your fate. Hey, would you like a little bit of egg-sistance with this?”

“What do you mean? Oh yeah! Go for it.” Yoshi jumped away from several more fireballs that were coming faster and more frequently.

“Alright! Okay, guys, we’re going to help Yoshi with this by throwing eggs at the creature. If you don’t have any you can go eat something that will allow you to make some. I’m going to stay here and coach him so you just run and come back as fast as you can.”

Most of the Yoshies quickly ran off and Jikondo watched Yoshi and gave him advice about what to do. He told him everything he could think of but felt frustrated that Reznor moved so fast that all Yoshi could do was to avoid him, and that he was no longer shooting Banzi Bills and stuff like that. But then the Yoshies returned with a huge batch of fresh eggs and immediately got to work. Dozens on dozens of colorful eggs zoomed through the air and hit Reznor in the face and body. Some of the eggs bounced off him while others exploded in his face but the exploding eggs seemed to be the ones that were having some affect.

Finally after some time Reznor became confused with all of the sparks flying in his face and couldn’t see what he was doing. Yoshi didn’t waste a second and knocked him down and stomped again for the third time. The machine laid motionless on the ground and all the Yoshies cheered. Yoshi hoped that he had really done it this time because he felt wiped out and pretty sore from all the blows. It looked like he really had because Reznor stayed on the ground for a long time.

“Yoshi, I think it’s really dead now,” said Jikondo. “How about you do the honors?”

“Uh… okay then! So long, big bully!” He jumped over Reznor and got in position to do a ground pound on his chest. Then… whack! Just as he was falling down towards him something slammed into his hind quarters and tossed him away in pain. Reznor’s foot had hit him right the moment of contact and now he was getting up again and standing to his feet.

“Gah! Owowowowow!!” shouted Yoshi.

Reznor stood up and laughed at him. “You foolish dinosaur. Nothing you do can destroy me. At the rate you’re going you’ll be dead before I suffer any serious damage.”

“I won’t give up! I think that I am making some progress and eventually you’ll lose. I may be gullible but I have common sense and patience, which I doubt you have any.”

“Who cares? I have something much better than those things! Because… four heads is better than one!!”

Yoshi didn’t know what it meant by this but he stayed on his toes and prepared for the worst. And to his shock, the worst he had in mind didn’t come close to what happened. Reznor backed away from the tired Yoshisaurus again and then his big metal head dropped down into his much bigger shoulders! Yoshi couldn’t believe his eyes and what he saw next nearly caused him to severely wet himself. Instead of Reznor’s head coming back out, four heads popped out! Reznor’s original head was there and the other three looked just like and also connected to the body by tubes, but they were a little smaller and were red, green, and blue.

“BwahahahahaHAAAA!!” yelled the four heads. The Yoshies screamed at the top of their lungs but Jikondo focused on Reznor.

“Yoshi!” said Jikondo. “Remember not to attack again until you know what it’s going to do!”

“I know! I know!”

“Here’s what I’m going to do! Cook you into a roast Yoshi! GAAAAARRRRRR!!!”

Reznor arranged his heads so the three surrounded his on left, right, and above. Then he blasted out tons of huge fireballs from his main head. The three extra heads also did too with the red head shooting five tiny fast-moving fireballs and the blue made two big slow-moving fireballs. The green head did nothing and this made Jikondo pretty worried. Yoshi didn’t have time to worry since he was too busy dancing around the fire.

“Back to egg pummeling, friends!” said Jikondo with a shout. The dinos got back to throwing eggs and others left to make more. This time it didn’t work and the fireballs blocked most of the shots. Yoshi was feeling scared and didn’t know what to do anymore. It only got worse when the green head finally did its attack and opened it’s mouth.

“Yoshi! Move!” yelled his trainer.

Yoshi didn’t know why but he did anyway and narrowly avoided a fully-charged bolt of white electricity. “Holy Koopa!” he yelled. “What do I do now?! That was insane! I’m actually going to die!! Aaaagggghh!!”

“I… I… don’t know what to do! I’m sorry!” said Jikondo. “Don’t give up though! Keep thinking.”

Yoshi knew he was going to die and couldn’t think of anything to even attempt that wouldn’t put him in a casket. But then a beautiful voice of salvation called out to him, “Yoshi! Try to use the environment to your advantage here! That might work!” He glanced over and saw his father, Hiroshi, standing in the crowd. Yoshi felt glad he was there but his advice seemed pretty stupid. Until he realized something he had missed the whole time.

“Aha! Yeah! You are a genius, Dad! Thanks!”

“It was actually my idea!” said his little sister.

“Oh whatever!” said Hiroshi.

Yoshi stopped avoiding the flames and turned to run into the cold water that had been beside him the entire time. Reznor didn’t follow him but just kept shooting at him from a distance.

“Come on in, dude! The water is gnarly tonight! Woah-ho!”

“No thank you. I’m not that ignorant!”

“Oh yes you are!” said Yoshi. He saw the green head charging up again and decided to try his move. He bent down, slurped up a mouth full of water, and sprayed it at the head right before it went off. The head crackled and blew up and Reznor yelled in rage.

“Ah! I don’t believe it! How did I never see that coming?! But you may want to find a new strategy when I… run away and kill your friends and family! Har har har har!”

Reznor did just that and began running at everyone and firing everywhere so that Yoshi would follow him. Yoshi laughed and just sucked up some more water and followed after him. He let several armed Yoshies hop on his head and then went into hot pursuit with his foe. The chase went on for awhile on the island and resulted in a few fires (that were quickly put out) but FINALLY Reznor took his last beating. The two other heads exploded from all the eggs, then Reznor screamed, his head blew off, and then his body crashed to the ground where Yoshi wasted no time smashing him repeatedly. Oh yeah… and I guess that the body did self destruct after that but thankfully the Yoshies followed their instincts and avoided becoming extinct. The battle was over and the author slumped back in his chair and sighed.

“Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes!” shouted Yoshi. “I… uh… we did it! We actually did it! Woo! Thank you, everyone! I would have died if it wasn’t for you.”

His friends were just as excited and complimented him too. But then he heard something even better than compliments. “Actually Yoshi, if it wasn’t for you WE would have all died.”

“What? Miyamoshi? Ah, I don’t know about that.”

“Yes, it’s true. And now I see how much we need you on this island and I hope that everyone else does too. Yoshi… as long as I’m mayor of this island you will stay here forever!!”

Yoshi stared at him in disbelief and then smiled. “R-r-r-really? You serious?”

“150%! If any loonies want you to leave then they can feel free to go somewhere else themselves! I’m going to give you an award for this and you can be here on Yoshi’s Island until the day you die. Just promise that you’ll watch where you step.”

“Ahahaha! Thank you, Miyamoshi!” He stepped towards him to give him a huge hug but remembered that his arms were too short. “Oops… eh-heh. Nevermind.” Everyone laughed but Yoshi ran back to his sleeping spot to get rested for his new life starting tomorrow. Bouncing and laughing the whole way there.

{Super Mario World “Bonus Clear” song} “Yoshi!!”
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