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TITLE: Charmaine's Adventures With Frogs And Fish.
By Cheryl saddlemire

Charmaine travelled with her family to the cottage every year which was located in New Hamphire.
Charmaine loved to catch frogs, fish, go swimming, and play in the sand on the beach or in her sandbox. Whenever she caught a frog, she walked around with it, and talked to it as if it were a person.
One day when Charmaine went down to the pond, she saw 2 frogs in the pond. One was a large green frog, and the other one was a light green frog with brown spots. As she reached over to catch the large green frog, she fell forward, and the frog swam away.

Charmaine was all muddy from head to toe, so she went down to the beach, walked into the water, and got all the mud off herself.

The next day Charmaine went to the pond, caught a frog, and brought it up to the cottage with her to show her mother. Before she brought the frog into the house, she put it in the sandbox.
Charmaine's brother Mike said,
"Charmaine, don't be so silly. Frogs don't belong in sandboxes."
Charmaine said, "that the frog keeps me company when I play in the sandbox."
As soon as Charmaine was done playing in her sandbox, she brought the frog into the cottage with her, and it leaped out of her hand.
Charmaine tried to catch the frog, but hopped inside her father's slipper.
"Charmaine's Mother said,
"Charmaine! Please catch that frog, and get it out your father's slipper before he comes home."
Charmaine caught the frog, and put it on her mother's lap. Her mother thought how cute the frog looked. A few minutes later she said,
"Now take that frog back down to the pond where it belongs."

Charmaine picked up the frog from her lap. The frog struggled out of her hand, and hopped away.
Charmaine frantically tried to catch it, but it landed in her bedroom, and her brother Mike said,
"Come one, Charmaine! Catch the frog. It's drying out."
Charmaine almost caught the frog, but it landed on the mat in the front of the door. Charmaine thought it was funny, so she was laughing.
"I wouldn't be laughing if your father came in, and found a frog in the cottage. Catch it now!"

Finally Charmaine caught the frog as her father entered the cottage. When he saw her with the frog in her hand, he said,
"Don't bring anymore frogs into the cottage again."
"I was only trying to show Mom the frog."
"I'm sure your mother has seen plenty of frogs. Now bring it outside, and back down to the pond.

Charmaine brought the frog back down to the pond, and she felt sad that she had to let the creature go.

Later on that day, Charmaine went fishing with her father. She hopped into the boat, and she caught two sun fish, and her father caught a couple of sunfish himself. As Charmaine rode in the boat, she ejoyed seeing the other cottages located up from the lake, and the islands that she didn't even think about frogs.

As soon as Charmaine got out of the boat, she fished off the dock. A couple of times when Charmaine caught some fish, she put it on the dock to see if flop up and down for a few minutes. Afterwards she put it back into the lake.

The next day when Charmaine went back down to the pond, she saw small frog that had what looked like a tail. Her father explained to her that it was very young frog that used to be a tadpole. Tadpoles have tails. Eventaully frogs do lose their tails as they get older.

Charmaine saw a large frog with a fish in its mouth. Charmaine tried to rescue the fish, but she fell forward again, and got all muddy.

Later on that day, Charmaine swam at the beach, and made some sand castles while her mothe was supervising her.

When Charmiane went back to school in the Fall, she drew picture of a frog and a fish, and showed the class her drawing. Charmaine expressed to class that these were God's wonderful creatures. The class was impressed on how well she drew with detail, and so was her teacher.
Before bedtime, Charmaine often sat in her chair, and read a book about frogs, and fish, and tadpoles.
When summer vacation came again, she went to the cottage, and still continued to fish, and catch frogs. She never brought a frog into the cottage again.
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